Monday, June 9, 2008

beach bums

hey hey pretty ladies. i can't say that my life has been as interesting as Britt's has been, but its been pretty fun. Saturday was garage sale day in Sea Cliff so I dragged my friend Tiana out and we went to a few garage sales and got some nifty steals. I got some sweet new shirts and a bunch of art books for free. But since it was about 95 degrees outside we felt as though we should end our adventure pretty quickly by stopping at the local bar Partners for a breakfast beer. After our beers we parted ways and I went to Sea Cliff beach to meet up with the kiddies. I got there and ended up mighty pissed because the kid at the gate made me pay 20 bucks to get into the beach cause I'm not a resident of Sea Cliff. As soon as I paid I found Chris and he said he'd get that cash money back for me, so I was back to being in a happy mood. The afternoon then consisted of swimming and playing football on the beach.

Sunday morning I got up bright and early and me and Chris rode bikes to the beach with a cooler full of bud light. Lots of swimming and drinking/eating. It was a great day. However riding back to Chris' from the beach was terrible. 2 minutes into our uphill trek we stopped and took a beer break on some stairs. it was not a wise decision of me to wear a gray shirt that day. let just say there was a lot of visible wetness all over my shirt. I think that was like the most physical activity I have done since I left school, I was super exhausted after yesterday. ha.

Well the pass out princess in me is taking over. I will update more after work tomorrow. Day 3 of bartending at the marina!! hopefully i make lots of money so i can put it in a jar to save for denver tickets. 
Come visit!! And come play on the beach with me all dayyy! Miss and love you all. <3


so handsome dan and i ventured into downtown denver today and, after taking a few wrong turns, finally found the famous larimer square.  

we had an amazing lunch here:

although it was a little pricey, it was well worth it.  we had great food and great wine (and, with the high altitudes, acquired a great buzz fast).  no complaints.

after lunch, we browsed through a cute little furniture store.  unfortunately, i can't remember the name of it.  but trust me.  it was cute.  and cheap!  

then we browsed through my favourite boutique thus far:  

i want to work there.  even though they said they aren't currently hiring, i am still going to beef up my resume tomorrow and send it to the owner tomorrow for future reference.  although i REALLY would have loved to walk out with a pair of $1,000 custom cowgirl boots and a job, i settled for a five dollar wooden post card to send to my great grandma for her birthday.  

after unsuccessfully browsing target and pier one (ew, ew, and more ewwwwww) for our last bit of necessary bedroom furnishings, our day ended with a trip to the liquor store for some cheap wine and nice, quick conversation with the clerk.  everyone is so nice here!  

anyway, handsome dan is being a whiny bitch about me not helping pick a free movie.  so, i will end this post with a big smacker goodnight!  SMACKERRRRRRROOOOOOOO!