Monday, July 7, 2008

3sevs gets a job.

See how that's singular? "A Job." as in, Jess and Alysse work at Ruby Foo's and I'm going to hand in my application tomorrow. We may have entered the real working world but that doesn't mean we're going to be separated. No-sir-ee Bob.

Haha I originally typed Boob.
Jean, Alysse and I were looking through all of our facebook pics yesterday. It must be that time of the month where we all get nostalgic.

Wish me luck.


did you know you could do this at home now??



i just sat and went through my photo album from this year via the myspace and it made me really miss you all and purch. i miss being the 5th roomate and seeing you all everyday. i can't wait till we are all reunited again.

love you all.
Ali Jean