Sunday, November 23, 2008

whiskey rain.

been a while, eh?

i am currently in castle rock at my parents' house visiting my ma. dad's been out of town a few days and i decided to devote my saturday night to a mommadotta date. we went to a cool rock club in downtown denver and saw a sweet ass country band called the railbenders play. everyone was swing dancing. i had a blue moon for the first time in forevs. it was the first night i felt okay in a while.

some updates:

-things that are so unbelievably NOT kickass-

-dad lost his job.
-great grandma mary passed away.
-mom and dad are probably moving back to new york.
-little scotty garrison wants to hop on the bandwagon and return to the east coast too.

it's been a very rough ride the past few weeks and i've been a big emotional gooch.

however, on the flipside:

-things that are kickass-

-i got a new job and a promotion.
-i moved into my new place in boulder.
-karen is coming to visit january 9-12.
-one of my lifelong friends is getting married in april and she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. which means i will get to go home to b-town for my birthday again and see a bunch of lovely ladies i haven't seen in forever.

i miss new york a lot. i miss you guys a lotter.

jones and alysse- it was so good to hear your voices the other day.
millz- i found a cute little cafe that has wireless, so i will be able to have ichats with you again soon. i'mma calls you soon because i miss you big.
guyetti- i'mma call you too. i know you HATE talking on the phone, but, dammit, i'm gonna make you. even if it's just long enough to say i love ya.

i must go bird shopping for thursday now. love love love. miss miss miss.