Saturday, June 14, 2008

My babies!

I am on Long Island, in Glen Cove, on Rose Avenue, on the second floor, in Ali's bed, in a yellow towel. It is 6:07 PM.  Wonderful!!

I miss my wife, glad you made it safe to the 'rado, wish I was there, wish I could give you huggies and kissies and drinks! Yeahhh I miss makin' them dranks. Listening to Girl Talk in Big Haus, listening to The Sounds in Big Haus, being able to do our makeup at the same time in Big Haus, the soda machines to buy Fanta to mix with vodka in Big Haus, sleeping on top of each other in Big Haus, on bunk beds, ordering rail road pizza in Big Haus, Ve-ing it (Terre). 

Okay BrittyPod that paragraph was for you and how much I miss you.


I am so broke! But such a happy young thing. Ever since I've been unemployed I've spend countless days with the people I love, beached it, jetted off to Florida for a fun-filled 9 days with Miss Erica Turck, my family, and lots of beautiful, beautiful Cocoa Beach, and as much as I can- with Mister Boyfriend Man: Michael Dylan Ferrara himself. What a catch! I'm so happy.'

I got a job waiting tables at Alysse's place of work now, Ruby Foo's in Times Square and I start training Monday. Might not have rent money in time but I'll muddle my way through... always do, no worries!

I've also decided to go back to school in the fall, to Brooklyn College for a B.A. in Communications - Purchase was a wonderful, wonderful 2-year long party, but what a waste of academic time and MONEY SHIIIIIIIT. On the other hand, where the hell would I be if I wound up at Fredonia or Oneonta like the original plan? This blog wouldn't even exist OH MAN. I can't think about what life would be like without you PYTs. I love ya'll so much. Srsly. My life, you are.

I love you. Ali and I are preparing to get Daiquiris and then for a hopping after-wedding party at the Mansh.

KISSES. x000x0x0e9d9d9djfdjfkdafjdksal;fjsaldfjadls;fjasdf