Sunday, August 31, 2008

on top of a mountain, under a rainbow.

i kind of don't miss NY anymore. at all.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I thought i needed a boyfriend i don't need a boyfriend she's different than I am i should probably date older people when will i have time to go to the bank how am i going to pay my rent i feel really badly about how this apartment all worked out wheres alysse i need a movie and her bed it would be weird to sleep with josh haha speaking of josh, thats why josh jenks hasn't gotten back to me about squat he changed his number but he managed to find me while in search of a new apartment everyone wants to know the company we went through smoking sucks i fucking really hate smoking i wish i wanted to bone the comedian because he actually likes me and isn't awful.
i bought a clockwork orange today funny thing all of the language in that book is so foreign i can't figure out if it's period-piece colloquialisms or another language though i'm going to go with another language thankfully it's a used book so the first reader put the meanings next to most of them the font is tiny so its very blurry when i read it i haven't finished any of the books i started reading this summer well i finished two out of five but that is not that great.
i took a ferry ride to staten island today with anne yao we took so many pictures and i will get around to putting them on a website at some point then we visited our friend mandy who just broke her foot and is really depressed i had an idea to buy her wine which was originally forties but i thought i would keep it classy but anyhoot we bought her wine and honey buns and she was all i quit drinking and i'm trying to eat healthy i felt a little crushed.
i think i'm slightly depressed but it might be that week where i'm depressed so ndb oh jess is home.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

denva feva.

thank you, RE:UP magazine, for making the most vanilla city in america look so deliciously gangsta.

Monday, August 25, 2008

so hiiighhhh

today was th big day. i lost my wisdom teeth. adn now im really high adn happy.can'twat for the vics to be picked up at the store. it will be glorious. i got some free oxycodones too, from one of the guys who always sat at the bar at steamboat. wahhoooo! its really dificult to write this but im trying. later this afternoon chris and mike are coming over and we have a movie/drug date. i look so forward to it. i love movies and jello and mac'n cheese and milkshakes.
oh shit mama is supposed to get me a milkshake. yummmmmmmmmm.
ok well myh igh ass self is going to rent a movie and veg out till the boys come over.
Lovey ou ladiezzzzz.
miss you.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

outta sight.

i have the feeling that this blog is rapidly becoming more of a digital time capsule as days go by, a dried out monument to a little shard of time, but i am going to post anyway half for the hell of it and half out of hoping that one of these days y'all will take a quick break out of your busy busy lives and remember your good ol' friend britt who still loves ya mucho mucho.

i am going to be visiting for a few days next month. sept. 18-22. it would definitely be great to see you ladies, even if it's for a quick hi and a hug. i know you all are living your lives and being grown up and are busy as hell, and i know how that goes, so i'm not going to drop at your feet and beg. if you guys can squeeze me in for a beer or two, that would be sweet.

ali came and left last week. it was a fast visit, but a fun one. i look forward to seeing you in a few weeks, miss jean. i'm sorry i wasn't my usual self out here. pretty stressed with work and having the house full of strangers. i wish we could have had more time to disappear for a while. i promise i will be nothing but sunshine and rainbows when i come back home. it's exactly what i need to get the not-so-fun crazies out of me and get the fun ones back in.

dan left yesterday. he is on his way back to rhode island and is probably chugging along across missouri right about now. i was so bummed that i couldn't make the journey back with him. i was so looking forward to stopping in bolivar and hanging out at the Chef with biz, running through the empty house just like i did when my family moved in there fifteen years ago and reading all the now-exposed scribblings i left on the walls in my room. it would have been nice to go back to rhode island and go to the park that overlooks providence and smoke a couple cigs. buy tea and people watch on thayer street. most of all, i was really looking forward to finally arriving at purchase, exhausted, and reuniting with all of my favourite people in the world. i can't wait for january when i get to tick off all those little things and clear the back of my cluttered mind.

anyway, life out here is good. i'm having a lot of fun seeing and doing new things and meeting new people. i'm alone for the first time in a very long time, and it's proving to be very good for me. i've been writing a lot lately and have finally started writing the three children's books i have been battling with the past few years. i have been putting a lot of my energy into getting in good shape and taking better care of myself. it's helped me get a job modeling for a new clothing company out here. my first runway show is the 13th and i've been working really hard to really rock the cute, funky little betsey johnson cocktail dresses i get to wear for it. i'm spending time writing music with my brother again and i've been coaching my dad's new client, joanna yaeger, while she is out here recording her first country music demo. at first i was kind of pissed that my house was crammed with people, but now i am really enjoying having joanna around. she has a really beautiful, powerful voice for being such a young little lady and they have brought out some of the best players in nashville to play on her project, which is being produced by a couple of grammy-winning producers. this is her first time doing anything like this and, understandably, she is a bit overwhelmed and it's been pretty cool being able to take her under my wing and show her the ropes of studio recording.

i have really enjoyed filling my plate to its full capacity lately, especially with all my favourite flavours.

it's much easier crossing the days off the calendar when they fly by so fast.

anyway, i hope you all are doing well. i would call more often, but i never know when is good for all of you and i don't want to be a bother. if any of you do read this and feel inclined to drop a line, please do. i miss and love you all very much.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008



tiddy bears

tiddy bears. this is what dan and britt are watching, they are right behind me and have no idea im writing this. britt says she wants one.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008


yay tuesday hangover. i feel like a dbag this morning. i got home from work yesterday and dan and ali jean and i decided to go straight for the cocktails. after downing a little too much liquid courage, i shared my thoughts and plans regarding new york with my mom. SO not a good idea, at all, and probably the worst idea ever drunk. the conversation quickly morphed from me bringing the topic up nonchalantly (i'm a retard) to me "standing up for my f*ing right to dream big" and bellyaching about how i'd rather "live out of boxes and guitar cases than submit to a 9-5 lifestyle." where my constant desire to be a gypsy whenever i'm drunk comes from is beyond me. it didn't hit me until a little later when we were all smoking on the roof that sometimes it's better to just keep your mouth shut and disappear all of a sudden. in my drunken state, i was upset with myself for "exposing my battle plan" and my family's current fervent love of drama. i felt bad for exposing jean and dan to the all-consuming whirlwind that is garrison family arguing and the non-stop drunken utopian pipedream saga monologue i keep in my back pocket and pull out only after imbibing a certain amount of vodka/wine. luckily there wasn't any street meat around for me to throw at anyone.

so, today, i have to work 9-6. balls. but as soon as i get out it will be nonstop adventures in the land of sunshine and rainbows with a couple loves of my life.

gotsta put my bankface on.

lovins all over all of you.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

denver or bust.

hey ladiez!
i am currently sitting in la guardia airport waiting to board my flight to 'rado! so excited for this adventure. i just spent 5 bucks on an hours worth of internet access. so i could blog and play on facebook. haha.

bah eff airport food. i just ate some like spinach cheese croissant and now my insides feel as though they may get violent. i'm gonna go hit up the facilities.

later loves!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

do it like we used to.

today was pure awesome. first guyetti and i went on a bike adventure (post-sparks chugging). We went to a bike shop first and replaced my tube, then we rode to williamsburgh for an electronic-hip hop block party, had some more sparks and danced our asses off. we rode back home, drank some beers then went ass backwards into the city for the honorary title show. the lead singer is gorge but i was all about the drummer :) i'm always rooting for the underdog.

jess met the comedian yesterday. she said "he's cute and funny!! why aren't you dating him??" to which i replied "and he's a good lay. i don't know what's wrong with me!" I really can't seem to settle for anything because it always feels like I'm settling for less. I think I'm only happy when i'm fantasizing about a guy on a stage looking just past me.

hmmm that is what happened when i went to see him do stand-up.

we'll see. we'll see.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

brat's in tha bagggggg.

alright, so, even though purchase financially outlawed me, i was able to finagle Sept 18-22 off from work and just bought my plane tickets. eff yes.

jean gets here on sunday. eff yes.

okay dan is making me get off with his grandpa "i'm the boss and you're gonna eat what i cooked ya" voice. you know what i'm talking about. he misses y'all too. he just told me. sternly.


** by get off, i mean off the computer. clarification. ahem.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Altoid Life.

Take it out of your pocket, carry it with you, and share with the people whose company you enjoy.

I'm so confused about everything right now-- but I'm the happiest and the most grounded I've been in a long time. I feel like I haven't really questioned things in awhile, which is kind of scary because I know I was just kind of dormant and not the usual overly-active guyetti (whether that be mentally or physically. But I do prefer to be both now.)

I work a lot, and I really enjoy it. This place is disciplining the shit out of me- and if anyone could have used a huge dose of that I think it was me. How many months did I spend on threesevs couch doing fucking nothing except making quesadillas, drinking beer, watching fuseTV and working at Career Development? I'm glad I'm busy, happy, and looking forward to this life I now live for the first time since before I went to Purchase. As much as I loved meeting you little ladies, I feel like Purchase ruined a small part of me that I don't know if I'll ever get back.

I do feel myself falling back into that person I used to be, who was responsible and authority-fearing (respecting) and a solitary mind wanderer. I missed her. I like being self-sufficient, I really enjoy knowing I can do this by myself at the end of the day (not counting friends.)

I seriously love you girls, I'm so glad we all met and came together- we bring out such wonderful things in each other and bring so many different qualities and walks of life to the table that we can share.

Like altoids.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Thursday, August 7, 2008

hey loves...

yelloo my loves. thought i'd update. i'm sitting in my room listening to a thunderstorm and hoping that it stops soon. cause i'm supposed to be going to a park to watch chris' band play, and well if its thundering and raining that won't be happening. hopefully i don't get too out of hand tonight. don't want a repeat of last week where i woke up to my alarm at 5:30 and found my self in chris' guest room. hahahah.

i've only got 4 more work days left at steamboat and i am beyond excited. i work a double tomorrow and i think its supposed to rain. that'll be kind of nice, cause then i won't be stressed out. i'm so over that place right now.

britty, i can't wait to see you!! denver in 10 daysss!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

yayyy it stopped raining!!

ok well i need to go get dressed and collect connor and do a booze run. i will talk you ladez soon.

Love you all!

P.S. Jones come to the island and hit the beach with me. You need to go to a beach atleast once this summer.

Monday, August 4, 2008

happy happy joy joy.

i submitted my fafsa today and will hopefully know by the end of the week whether or not i will qualify for a much needed stafford loan to support my even much more needed return to the purch. as i was filing my fafsa, ali was simultaneously buying a plane ticket out here. there will be much love in this house from the 17th-21st.

it was a crazy day at the bank today and it was great to come home and find mr. marshall hanging out in the kitchen.

i miss you all like crazy. joneses, i'm glad you are finding that inner peace and happiness.

it looks like life is beautiful and harmonious across the board.

i want you to live here too.

i had a great day today- I worked this morning. it was super slow and boring but when i finally got off, I bought expensive sushi and cake and surprised my mom. That was super awesome because I haven't seen her in forever. I also was able to go home and get a bunch of stuff that I really wanted to bring back to the apt. this included but is not limited to my Justin Timberlake-Nsync marionette, bobble head Magenta (from the Rocky Horror Picture Show), Michael Jackson Thriller doll, along with the cover of the Thriller LP and the Rock With You LP... so a lot of dolls and some clothing.

Other than that all of my bills where late this month, my landlords are dicks annnnnnnd... I'm happy.

This very moment. Right now.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


i want to live at threesevs pt. deux.

jean, purch ain't looking so good. fafsa had to be filed by may 1st (mine wasn't) and my stafford loan lender is no longer participating. i'm sweating bullets.

HOWEVS i'm trying to figure out a way to move back to nyc.

do you ladez know of anyone who needs a roommate?