Monday, November 3, 2008

sick puppy.

hey my loves.
i'm bored and waiting for sarhar to get out of the shower so that i can get in, so i figured i'd do some blogging. i've been sick for a week now. i started to get better the other day, but i've since just gone back downhill health wise. my voice is pretty shot, at work yesterday i felt really bad. i was like coughing everywhere and trying to help customers. oh well. i'm really over this job, sarhar walked out and quit on saturday, and i feel like i will be following very soon. my boss does shady things like put me on the schedule and not tell me about, but tell someone else that i have to work that day. shitty shitty shitty. she's prob gonna try and make me work on sunday, but eff that. no way no how. i'm going to yale on sunday (nerdy neu guide stuff). we're going to see how their guide program is and show the newbies what real guides look like. i really want to quit before thanksgiving, cause i haven't gotten to go home for an extended period of time this semester. its been like one day trips, so lame. and i really would like to have the time on weekends to visit friends all over the place...aka all you guys. i'm going home this afternoon, but only so i can vote at like 7am tomorrow morning and drive right back to purch to go to work.

uhp well sarah is done with the shower. i need to shower realllll fast and get to class. i'll talk to you ladiez soon!!

love and miss you all,