Thursday, December 18, 2008

Re: bahhumbug

You know, I must admit I am feeling the same way entirely. I don't have Christmas gifts for anyone, I don't really mind if I don't get any either... It's almost as though this isn't really December. Thanksgiving was weird. My birthday was vacant and Christmas is probably going to be a repeat of Thanksgiving especially since my family thinks I need anti-depressants and to move back home.
On a good note: I'm actually not an alcoholic! I haven't even been drunk in two weeks!! hahah the little joys of life. Which means I'm going to go get involved with the irish coffee that's been on my mind :)
B-pod... I'm going to wear your face around my neck tonight. I'll take pictures and maybe that will make sense one day.



The other day I said to my mom, "Mom, you know how much I love Christmas right?" and she said, "of course" then I said to her, "Mom, I just don't think I have any Christmas spirit this year." I love Christmas time, with the snow and the lights and the tree, but it seems I've avoided everything christmasy this year. I'm not hating on Christmas, or being scrooge-like, I guess I just dont care this year. And I have been so bummed out by it, I mean, I am probably going to have to work christmas eve at work, and honestly don't care that I do. Which is crazy because christmas eve at my house is way more important than christmas day!

I dont know guys... am I the only one feeling this way? Oh yeah, not to mention I still have no gifts for anyone... and I honestly wouldn't care if nobody got me any gifts. I really just wish I could skip christmas this year, get right on to new years and start over!