Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hello it's me.

Whose crap is this?

No seriously our apartment is disgusting. Living with boys is such a bad idea. Except the fact that they are awesome boys and I love them. But this place gives me the willies when I think too much about it. Having random crap strewn about is one thing (threesevs) but when it comes to old dishes, food, and garbage- that's a whole 'nother side of the pickle I didn't want to bite into. Humph.

I stopped saying anything, though. No point. Five more months and maybe it will be a different story? I change my mind everyday. It's okay I'm 22 (this is my excuse for everything).

My student loans amount to about 800 dollars a month. This is terrifying. The fact that I made over 500 dollars this weekend alone though shows small glimmers of hope that I can make this work; payments may be a week or two late, but I can do it. I can!

Halloween at work was a blast. We all had to dress up as "Classic Movie Villains", and I was Poison Ivy - thanks for the great idea Jonesies! It was a hit. After work, I went across the street to the Playwright with a few of the Senior Severs and had two double shots of Patron and two Yuenglings that I never ordered but were given to me lovingly by one of my favorite servers Ryan, who when it was time to pay said "Just give me ten bucks." Sweet! Jonesies met up with us in her Urkel gear stretchin' up a storm and making everyone around her die laughing:

"DO YOU WORK OUT? YOU LOOK LIKE YOU WORK OUT...." etc. What a night.

I got called into work tonight, and was a half hour late (even for my on call shift!) because a man collapsed on the local-running Q train, this was at Court Street in Brooklyn. I couldn't tell if he was having a stroke or a heart attack, but he was really old and literally collapsed on the man sitting next to him. I was sitting at the other end of the car and had my headphones on listening to my "Good Mood City Mix" which happened at that moment to be Ben Kweller, and didn't realize what was even going on until I was like "Why the fuck are we still sitting here? What is everyone looking at?" Then I realized someone was pushing the Emergency button trying to get the conductor to call an ambulance. Everyone was really concerned and a bit shaken, including myself, which left with yet another glimmer of hope in people; I think they're all basically selfless when you strip them down to being downright humane. He wasn't unconscious when I got off the train to step across the track to catch the R, but he was extremely delusional. I hope everything is alright with him.

Other than that, I've been watching Entertainment tonight, browsing Craig's List personals (for real) and corresponding via email with some interesting fellows just for fun, and it is fun. Who's surprised though? Not you guys, who've watched me boyfriend shop on Facebook, boyfriend shop on Myspace, and also meet up with these people. Ya'll know nothin's changed.