Sunday, October 26, 2008

kawfee tawk

I am staring at my computer, lost in facebook, I some how started on Bics pictures and then made it to the junior homecoming pictures of him, which made me really want to see all those pictures for the millionth time, and as I took a sip of my coffee (that is at least an hour and a half old, but still luke-warm and almost too sweet from the sugar that has settled to the bottom, in my nifty new starbucks to-go cup) and made it to the end of the album and then cycled back in to the same pictures again, I realized I wasn't looking at the people in the photographs so much as all the stuff in the background, our lives all meshed together, our things, our mess, and at the time, and even to an average on-looker, that place may have looked gross, but those pictures have so much of us in them beyond us remembering a face, but a place, an era, a lifetime of memories crammed into a tiny college apartment filled with more crap and estrogen that I'm surprised we didn't blow the got-damn'd roof off the joint, so ladies, next time you find yourself going through our memories of 3sevs and missin' a sister or 2, or4, remember our mess and the most amazing year five ladies could ever ask for