Friday, September 5, 2008

i liked yones' free write. here i goes.

damn it's cold in here why did I think the air conditioning was such a good idea oh yeah that's right we walked home from the atlantic avenue stop in 8 layers of all black from work. speaking of work today I made 70 buxxx for lunch which is dope because it's been so fucking slow lately why is our economy so fucking shitty? who the hell is sarah palin and i hate her guts and her alaskan children who does she think she is? who the fuck is old man mcain anyway, this better not be another 2004 disappointment. this music is dope thanks jones. today I was in the 100s which is usually reserved for senior servers and josh c was in the 200s and got in a fight with phil and had to have a sit down talk for like a fucking hour they were both very upset. josh c is one of the senior servers who pretty much owns the place and is a little gay georgia peach.. but a round blue eyed one who is just a darling. with a tude. love him. and phil is our general manager who will cut you with his eyes. and is asian.

I am not very good at free writing. done.

cole might be moving in with us. what's up AV-3!