Monday, June 30, 2008


so i just got home from montauk, it was wonderful. i are lots of seafood, drank a ton, and surfed it up. on saturday night me and my mom went to our fave restaurant, its this little cuban place in the marina. they have the best mojitos i've ever had in my life. between me and my mom we drank about a whole bottle of bacardi. we felt wonderful after, and of course went shopping and spent some cash money on some nifty things. but when we pulled up to the restaurant there was a crowd of people across the marina at one of the docks, and we soon realized that it was the annual shark tournament. the lucky ducks that we are had pulled up at the right moment. they were weighing in one of the boats sharks and it was the biggest of the tournament. a 465 pound thresher shark. it was hugeee. and because they won they got $280,000 for it. insaneeeeee.
if you look close you can see the sharks tail. this is when they were weighing it.

i took my second surfing lesson this weekend at ditch plains which is one of the top 6 surfing places in the world, according to my instructor. it wasn't the greatest lesson, cause he did more talking then we got surf time. but it was still a great experience.

all in all montauk was a ton of fun this year. i was bummed to leave, but i have full intentions of going back there numerous times before the summer ends. hopefully you guys can come on one of the trips. granted it would mean sleeping in my car or on the beach, but its still funnn.

ok. well i'm hungry, so i'm going to go take care of that. 
love and miss you all. 
hopefully see all of you very very soon.
-Ali Jean