Tuesday, August 19, 2008


yay tuesday hangover. i feel like a dbag this morning. i got home from work yesterday and dan and ali jean and i decided to go straight for the cocktails. after downing a little too much liquid courage, i shared my thoughts and plans regarding new york with my mom. SO not a good idea, at all, and probably the worst idea ever drunk. the conversation quickly morphed from me bringing the topic up nonchalantly (i'm a retard) to me "standing up for my f*ing right to dream big" and bellyaching about how i'd rather "live out of boxes and guitar cases than submit to a 9-5 lifestyle." where my constant desire to be a gypsy whenever i'm drunk comes from is beyond me. it didn't hit me until a little later when we were all smoking on the roof that sometimes it's better to just keep your mouth shut and disappear all of a sudden. in my drunken state, i was upset with myself for "exposing my battle plan" and my family's current fervent love of drama. i felt bad for exposing jean and dan to the all-consuming whirlwind that is garrison family arguing and the non-stop drunken utopian pipedream saga monologue i keep in my back pocket and pull out only after imbibing a certain amount of vodka/wine. luckily there wasn't any street meat around for me to throw at anyone.

so, today, i have to work 9-6. balls. but as soon as i get out it will be nonstop adventures in the land of sunshine and rainbows with a couple loves of my life.

gotsta put my bankface on.

lovins all over all of you.