Saturday, June 21, 2008

bleep, bleep

happy saturday, errbody.  

i got a job at a restaurant a week or so ago.  i've been serving there.  it's an upscale place called jimmy's steakhouse and the first few days i was there, i loved it.  then they had a reservations-only wine dinner the other night.  after having two tables stolen out from under me by the guy who trained me and having some guy with really, really bad plastic surgery make me run endlessly to the kitchen to make special orders for his mountain lions at home, i decided that helping rich people's asses get fatter is the LAST thing i want to do.  

so, yesterday i interviewed for a bank job.  it went really well.  i applied for a full time position and if i get it, i will get full benefits.  scha-wing.  i will know by friday if i can quit jimmy's.  

after my interview at the bank dan took me to a pet shop to play with puppies.  i miss my OJer pup so bad and i miss giving tummy rubs and having a little buddy to share my leftovers.  almost as soon as we got to the pet shop, i fell in love with a little scottie dog.  he was the happiest, cutest little guy and it really sucked leaving him there.  i want to go back and get him so bad.  i read about an adoption day that a pet rescue is having today and i am still considering going just to go play with all the neglected puppies that need homes.  it'll be hard to not come home with one, though.  the rescue is only charging between forty and eighty bucks depending on the dog and the fee includes all of the shots, spaying or neutering, food, toys and a session with a trainer to help the dog get adjusted to its new home.  it sounds almost too good to be true and i don't want to go and get attached.  i haven't decided if i want to go yet.  decisions, decisions.

i have some projects to do in the studio today.  i am doing some reference vocals on a couple songs my dad wrote for that country singer he's been working with.  the songs are so pretty and they're a lot of fun to sing.  i'm looking forward to getting in the studio again, even if it's just to sing someone else's songs.  it'll be fun to just sing.

some friends are having a big backyard barbecue tonight and i look forward to murdering some pulled pork with my mouth.  maybe throw back a few beers.  

if all goes to plan, i will spend my day playing with many puppies, singing in the studio for hours and downing steer and beer.  the only thing keeping it from being a perfect day is you ladies not being here.  soon?  please?

i have to head on up to the studio, but i will post later with more tales of colorado mischief.  

miss miss miss love love love,