Monday, September 8, 2008

i am beyond pissed right now.

gahhhhh. i'm sitting in my apt and i'm really upset. sarah is occassionally yelling at the tv while cooking dinner. channel 11 has no sound and the new episode of gossip girls on. we bought wine and made pasta so we could enjoy the show, and now we can't even watch it. shittyyyyyy.




Last night, the bar down the street from me, Lux (Im sure I have talked about it with some of you) it was their 6th birthday party, and there was a million people there, and carnival games, and, yes, hula hoopers. I couldnt see them but from afar because of the volume of people butttttt.....I went there at about 1am tonight and there were some things left over, including 2 really solid hula hoops. I stole them, and do not feel bad about it. I also think I should bring one when I come visit...but thats a side note. This prompted me to come home and play in an empty room in my house with my new toys. Which further prompted me to youtube hula hoopers. I came across this cirque video and made me think of Jess and Jones. Jess because she loves hurahoopz and Jones because this chic was contorting whilst hurahoopin'.


also, b-PoD, Im watching metalocalypse (sp?)

Love and kisses,