Thursday, July 10, 2008

jfk to den

I would just like to let you know that you entry made my pre-menstrually-disoriented self not only cry at work, but then immediately type "new york to denver" in the web address part of the tool bar.

since that is not a website I had to visit instead to learn that a flight on august 31st to sept 7th cost a total of $379. I'm going to start saving as soon as I work at the foo's.



this is for miss jones...

thought you might like to see your boy bunce rockin out in his music video. ha.

oh john mayer...

so last night me, chris, bunce, matt g, and our friend greg decided that we were going to go to jones beach to sit outside the john mayer show and listen from the beach. well first the main lot was full so we had to park a field over. we carried our chairs over and found some premiere seating under a tree. chris and greg walked back to the cars with the bags are chairs came in. they proceeded to fill them with our beers and got 5 feet from the car when they were stopped by cops. the cops then proceeded to dump out all our beer...because we were dumb and sent chris and greg (neither are 21). haha. so bunce, matt, and i get a call and walk back to the cars. just as we get there it starts to rain like crazy. what a bummer. we went to john mayer and got 75% of our beer taken away by cops and then it rained. thank god i didn't buy tickets for that show. haha.

i started my new job today at the basil leaf cafe. right now i'm on a break cause i'm only training. i don' t know how i'm going to handle having multiple jobs. we'll see how this goes.

well, i must run.
love and miss you!
Ali Jean