Monday, August 4, 2008

happy happy joy joy.

i submitted my fafsa today and will hopefully know by the end of the week whether or not i will qualify for a much needed stafford loan to support my even much more needed return to the purch. as i was filing my fafsa, ali was simultaneously buying a plane ticket out here. there will be much love in this house from the 17th-21st.

it was a crazy day at the bank today and it was great to come home and find mr. marshall hanging out in the kitchen.

i miss you all like crazy. joneses, i'm glad you are finding that inner peace and happiness.

it looks like life is beautiful and harmonious across the board.

i want you to live here too.

i had a great day today- I worked this morning. it was super slow and boring but when i finally got off, I bought expensive sushi and cake and surprised my mom. That was super awesome because I haven't seen her in forever. I also was able to go home and get a bunch of stuff that I really wanted to bring back to the apt. this included but is not limited to my Justin Timberlake-Nsync marionette, bobble head Magenta (from the Rocky Horror Picture Show), Michael Jackson Thriller doll, along with the cover of the Thriller LP and the Rock With You LP... so a lot of dolls and some clothing.

Other than that all of my bills where late this month, my landlords are dicks annnnnnnd... I'm happy.

This very moment. Right now.