Tuesday, June 17, 2008

There are a million reasons why I love black cats. This is one of them.

So, the other night I was completely freaking out about so many things. Mom, Jess, Michael and I were watching Lars and the Real Girl and as much as I wanted to see that movie, watching someone battle anxiety whilst having an attack of it was making me insane. I bolted for the door around 1:30 a.m. and went for a walk. Upon my return, I wrote some notes about my adventure. This is the story of what happened while I was gone. 

How I Met (the Ever-So Statuesque) Mr. Tippy Toe

"I speed-walked until my lungs adjusted to take breaths at a normal pace again. As my legs slowed and my lungs stretched, I entered the Pratt campus. I veered right, towards a bench and just as I did I noticed, what I mistook for a statue of, a black cat. He prompted my motion to come to a halt, as I stopped to stare at him. I stopped at the nearest bench to admire him and his aura. 

He began to come closer.

I laughed as i imagined him coming over to greet me, to notice that I was crying. 

He continued towards me, and came even closer. 

As he landed on the second bench to my left, I smirked as the thought of him ending his journey in my lap crossed my mind. 

He began to cross over my lap- but suddenly decided to stay. I let him sleep for almost an hour before I figured that I should wander back home myself. I'm happy that I always go with fate."

It was exactly what I needed. I needed that company like (the desert missed the rain). I keep having these anxiety attacks / fits of pure frustration that keep me up at night and wake me up in the morning (respectively). I really am not into this dog, or his owner, and I miss my girls. I live with two of them and never see them :( Though, last night I managed to get Jess to come hang out and that was nice. Ali Jean, I'm trying to figure out a day that I can come visit. I need your adventures. 

I really, really, really, want a kitten.