Monday, August 25, 2008

so hiiighhhh

today was th big day. i lost my wisdom teeth. adn now im really high adn happy.can'twat for the vics to be picked up at the store. it will be glorious. i got some free oxycodones too, from one of the guys who always sat at the bar at steamboat. wahhoooo! its really dificult to write this but im trying. later this afternoon chris and mike are coming over and we have a movie/drug date. i look so forward to it. i love movies and jello and mac'n cheese and milkshakes.
oh shit mama is supposed to get me a milkshake. yummmmmmmmmm.
ok well myh igh ass self is going to rent a movie and veg out till the boys come over.
Lovey ou ladiezzzzz.
miss you.