Thursday, August 28, 2008


I thought i needed a boyfriend i don't need a boyfriend she's different than I am i should probably date older people when will i have time to go to the bank how am i going to pay my rent i feel really badly about how this apartment all worked out wheres alysse i need a movie and her bed it would be weird to sleep with josh haha speaking of josh, thats why josh jenks hasn't gotten back to me about squat he changed his number but he managed to find me while in search of a new apartment everyone wants to know the company we went through smoking sucks i fucking really hate smoking i wish i wanted to bone the comedian because he actually likes me and isn't awful.
i bought a clockwork orange today funny thing all of the language in that book is so foreign i can't figure out if it's period-piece colloquialisms or another language though i'm going to go with another language thankfully it's a used book so the first reader put the meanings next to most of them the font is tiny so its very blurry when i read it i haven't finished any of the books i started reading this summer well i finished two out of five but that is not that great.
i took a ferry ride to staten island today with anne yao we took so many pictures and i will get around to putting them on a website at some point then we visited our friend mandy who just broke her foot and is really depressed i had an idea to buy her wine which was originally forties but i thought i would keep it classy but anyhoot we bought her wine and honey buns and she was all i quit drinking and i'm trying to eat healthy i felt a little crushed.
i think i'm slightly depressed but it might be that week where i'm depressed so ndb oh jess is home.