Monday, September 1, 2008


hey ladiez!
i'm sitting watching the premiere of gossip girls, and also discussing the show with my friend taryn via aim. i never really watched it before, and i only did tonight so i could pick out the scenes that they shot in my neck of the woods. but now i think i may be obsessed and want to watch it all the time.

i move back to purch tomorrow. well sort of. in my drugged up state the other day i made an appt for wednesday morning. so tomorrow i move in, just to drive right back home. i'm kinda nervous and stressed about this year, i still haven't figured out what my senior project is going to be, i need to get on that asap.

i'm gonna really miss this summer. i know i didn't get to see you ladies much and i'm sorry for it. but i spent this summer getting back in touch with long island. i've spent the past few years hating this place for various reasons, but this summer i started to love it again. i embraced my last summer as a child and went crazy.

i'm going to try and be around more from now on, hopefully my senior project and a job will allow that to happen. i need to start my job hunt like immediately. i've got like 400 bucks to my name, and that sure won't last long once i start buying groceries and whatnot.

okkkk time to go to hayleys house....i'll finish this later!
love you all!