Monday, June 23, 2008

another blog via work

hey there ladies. i'm sitting at work and everyone is leaving for lunch but i came 3 hours late so i'm sitting here pretending to work so i get paid for this hour. hah. i stopped at the bank before work so that i could deposit a pile of money that has been building on my desk for like 2 weeks. since i counted teh money i realized i'm very close to affording a ticket to denver. who's comin with me?! i'm thinking end of july, so that i can just quit my job and not have to worry about trying to find coverage.

hmm. so like jess said this weekend was a weekend of mansion parties. and not the glen cove mansh..brett's and also mary kate's houses. i wish all of you could of come to them. there were kegs and games of 25 cup beer pong. which resulted in a lot of severely wasted people. especially this one kid who by like 10 was face down in brett's lawn, he even stayed there facedown when a thunderstorm blew threw. what a winner.

oh so creepy story bout brett' and sal fell asleep on one of the couches in his ballroom and at 4am we were woken up by this kid sitting over us just staring at us. he then proceeds to ask if we were "together"...and sal told him "no" and he's like "oh, someone wanted to know" and then walked away. what a creep. apparently this kid also asked chris is he could like "hit it" with my sister, while she was standing right there. but jess in her inebriated state started to yell at him. hah.

yesterday jess came to my house at like 9am, i was still fast asleep. cause my phone was tossed on the floor, so i missed all her calls. we then went and had a lovely diner brunch. after that we went back to my house and watched backdraft all afternoon. oh how i love that movie.

last night i worked my first dinner shift at steamboat. i fucked up a few times, but only minor things. the weather was strange so no one comes to eat dinner at a marina, so it was pretty slow. in 5 hours i had 5 tables. thank god for jacked up prices at dinner, 20 minimum for an entree. i managed to walk out with 60 bucks. there was this one family that i had with this son who was probably like 10. he was so specific, and i felt like he had a palate of an adult. first he orders a cran and club, then an order of steamers, and then proceeds to order a $60 lobster. gotta love long island and its rich people. cause his parents were totally cool with the fact that he probably ordered about $75 worth of food for himself.

Well i'm gonna end this here. I'll be seein Guyetti and Jones tonight at the gahden. I wish you could come to the reunion Garri. Miss youuuuuu! <3
mmm. i smell people's lunches right now. i really want a meatball.
<3 Ali Jean