Tuesday, September 16, 2008

why do hamsters love wheels?

so health and safety inspections are going on for the next two weeks. so this means that the "boys" have to hide, so we have them doing rotations through our rooms. which is a fine with me except for the fact that frank the tank has to be on the wheel at all times. its like his security blanket or something.

i can't wait for you ladies to get up here. can't believe its tuesday and you all will be here on friday. eeeee!!! it will be a shitshow in purchase that night. darren's new band is playing a show friday night in his apt on g-street. we should check it out. i'm not sure yet of what kind of music they play. don't really know if they do either, they like formed last week. its with pat king and some people.

eeeek! my milk went bad. and i really want to eat cereal. i'm gonna go hit up the hub and snag some. talk to ya ladies soon!
love you!

don't ask me...

how that job interview went. I'll get all cher in clueless on you and say "I wouldn't know"
Turns out I couldn't get my switch approved and will be going into to work this morning. Balls Balls Balls.
Also. fucking barking animals in the morning.