Thursday, June 19, 2008

a hangover post

its 11:14 am and i've been at work at my mom's office for 3 hours and 14 mins. and let me tell you, it feels like i've been here for like a month. i'm sitting here blogging to my you guys, filling out a scholarship application and chatting with mclaren via the facebook chat, i'm avoiding real work so hard today. i'm such a cranky pants, the fact that i'm nursing a hangover and running on minimal sleep doesn't help.

you see last night drew had a party at his house cause his parents are away and it was going to be bryan' s birthday at midnight. so of course i attended this event, and of course i got involved with drinking a 12 pack and also playing beer pong. by the end of the night sam disappeared and i was left waiting for her cause she was my ride. so me and mike sat on the couch listening to the sounds of connor and bryan attempting to play the piano across the room. this resulted in us falling asleep mid conversation and then me waking up at 2 am to my phone ringing and it being my sister outside waiting for me. i was not a happy camper.

fyi...i told mclaren i'm going to come and visit him on monday night, so jones and guyetti i hope your free, cause he said beer garden. so, i expect to see you guys there.

britt, i hope that work allows you to take off so that you can grace us with your presence on the first full day of independence in the year 2008.

i wish we could all be reunited like right now, i miss my ladiez. i want a mattress i need a mattress party. <3

love love love you all.
<3 Ali Jean

p.s. i love that i just paid my damage charges for my apt and it was like 2 bucks and it said that i broke a window and a picnic table. hahah.