Friday, December 19, 2008

RE: RE: bahumbug

i agree with ya ladies. i don't feel as though i am in the christmas spirit this year. i've attended numerous christmas parties all ready, but it still doesn't feel like its the holidays. i guess maybe the fact that i have done zero holiday shopping and won't ever do any because of the amount of debt i am in right now. its kind of a bummer how the magic of christmas is gone. i want to be a little kid who counts the days till santa comes.
today my mom and i drove my brother to school on our way to work, only to find out that the 15 minute ride was a waste of time because glen cove cancelled school for the day. all because of the inclimate weather....which by the way has yet to start. so we turned around and took him home. i wish i got snow days. i am pooped. had some people over last night, lots of irish coffee, beer, and true life; stayed up way too late and had to wake up at 6:30 for work. i will most likely be nodding off at my desk today. i've been at work for about a week now and my mom has yet to give me work to do. i just dick around on the internet and get paid for it cause she forgets about me. fyi...i walked into my mom's office before and she hands me tin of cookies and tells me to eat them cause she wants the tin they came in. this job is gonna make me fat. hahah.
ok. well i think i'm gonna go take a stroll around the office. talk to you lovely ladies soon!
miss you all! <3