Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i'm so sad.

so i was just informed this morning that my baby boy Tiger passed away in his sleep last night. blah. i'm crying. we're having a mini funeral next week for him at my house.

i'm gonna miss my little buddy so much.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

why do hamsters love wheels?

so health and safety inspections are going on for the next two weeks. so this means that the "boys" have to hide, so we have them doing rotations through our rooms. which is a fine with me except for the fact that frank the tank has to be on the wheel at all times. its like his security blanket or something.

i can't wait for you ladies to get up here. can't believe its tuesday and you all will be here on friday. eeeee!!! it will be a shitshow in purchase that night. darren's new band is playing a show friday night in his apt on g-street. we should check it out. i'm not sure yet of what kind of music they play. don't really know if they do either, they like formed last week. its with pat king and some people.

eeeek! my milk went bad. and i really want to eat cereal. i'm gonna go hit up the hub and snag some. talk to ya ladies soon!
love you!

don't ask me...

how that job interview went. I'll get all cher in clueless on you and say "I wouldn't know"
Turns out I couldn't get my switch approved and will be going into to work this morning. Balls Balls Balls.
Also. fucking barking animals in the morning.

Monday, September 15, 2008


I have a job interview for the We the Free (a spin off of Free People) store that's opening in Brooklyn tomorrow morning. I'm so fucking excited.
Also, this is about to be the best week ever. Here's why:

- Wednesday night, after my double, Jess, whoever comes from the Foo, and I are going out to get delicious 20 cent wings at this bar in the west village.
- Thursday morning, Hellllllllllllllllllo Alysse.
- Thursday night, movie night at JT's place. This means Scott, his wonderful girlfriend Eva and so many other friends.
- Friday afternoon / night, the reunion I've been waiting for. No need for more
- Saturday, hangovers and hopefully a group trip back to Brooklyn?
- Sunday, Potluck dinner at 3sevs (pt. 2)

Does this not sound like the most glorious of ocassions???

Ah okay. I have to get my beauty rest. I have to be a tieeeen (10) tomorrow.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

so weird.

hey my loves.
i'm currently sitting in my apt, watching pete & pete, and am extremely high.
tonight was such a weird night. it was the real first moment where i had no one to hang out with. it made me really really miss last year. after getting fed up of sitting in my apt i headed out to explore. i wandered the olde and alumni for quite awhile. i ended up hanging out with dogman and my friend sam most of the night. after smoking in the former dog pound and watching clips of the bug movie i decided to hit the road. so i had a nice 3am stroll through campus, it was kinda nice.

ok, well i'm gonna go.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

bonjourno!!!!! clapclapclapclapclap

I'm drinking pint glass after pint glass of dericious iced coffee with very vanilla soy and brown sugar for breakfast. I suppose I should put something substantial in my body. Like eggs. and toast.

Meagan is coming down tonight, I think. She has a few photo shoots and a date and asked if she could sleep over and I'm like SUREE FUCKIN MISS YOU BITCH. Just like that, I said it just like that.

I haven't been outside since approx 3:30 am on Saturday when I drunkenly walked home with my co-worker Anette who goes to Pratt and is extremely tall and is just a gorgeous little thing, but... not all there. Not all there at all. But that's why I love her. She's from a small town in PA and you can totally tell.

Anyway, I didn't have to work Sunday, yesterday, or today and I've cooped myself up in the apartment the whole time and it's been so marvelous. I haven't spent hardly a penny, just 10 on a few groceries and emergen-c. And I just transferred $50 from my checking account to my credit card but these are all completely necessary expenditures. if that is indeed a word.

I have watched every episode of weeds on and have now moved onto gossip girl.

I was just telling jean how I've been oddly missing Ben lately, but haven't seen or talked to him in months and months so I don't know what's up. Hopefully it will pass or something.

Can't wait to see you PYTs in a couple weeks!!!

guyetti mag.

Monday, September 8, 2008

i am beyond pissed right now.

gahhhhh. i'm sitting in my apt and i'm really upset. sarah is occassionally yelling at the tv while cooking dinner. channel 11 has no sound and the new episode of gossip girls on. we bought wine and made pasta so we could enjoy the show, and now we can't even watch it. shittyyyyyy.




Last night, the bar down the street from me, Lux (Im sure I have talked about it with some of you) it was their 6th birthday party, and there was a million people there, and carnival games, and, yes, hula hoopers. I couldnt see them but from afar because of the volume of people butttttt.....I went there at about 1am tonight and there were some things left over, including 2 really solid hula hoops. I stole them, and do not feel bad about it. I also think I should bring one when I come visit...but thats a side note. This prompted me to come home and play in an empty room in my house with my new toys. Which further prompted me to youtube hula hoopers. I came across this cirque video and made me think of Jess and Jones. Jess because she loves hurahoopz and Jones because this chic was contorting whilst hurahoopin'.


also, b-PoD, Im watching metalocalypse (sp?)

Love and kisses,


Sunday, September 7, 2008

yada yada yada.

annnnnd here we go.
i went to a gallery opening tonight in long island city the first time i've been to LIC in years i forgot about the amazing view of the city and how every thing is so beautiful and industrial there i wish that i could afford it i keep thinking about the 18th and seeing everyone again oddly enough i even hope that thomas is there and that i can be excited about the past and listening to records and music and laughter and hugs i want hugs shit i haven't been to hugs all summer that bar was awesomeness i'm talking to scott now and i think that this friendship is the most to say the least (a fantastic line from grease, i haven't watched that in so long) i am growing a little bit of confidence each day i feel like someone with a broken bone growing ever so faithful in their ability to put pressure on their wounds at some point they just won't notice it, but they'll be walking.
walking walking walking.
with pride.


SO... my car was broken into... again. This time in my fucking driveway! And not only was it broken into, but the little shits tried to steal it. Fucked up the steering column. Fucked up the keyhole. Then we got the key stuck in the ignition when we were trying to make sure it turned on. Then it got so stuck that it wouldnt turn at all. Now it is inoperable . And of course it had to happen on sunday, when no shops are open. Poor little car :*(

What is wrong with people?

Saturday, September 6, 2008


last night was the first friday night at purch, and well it was pretty standard. the usual parties in the streets of the olde, some familiar faces and soooo many dumb freshman. me and sarah got fed up avoiding the cops, so we had a mini party in our apt instead. which quickly turned into everyone drinking and smoking and being entranced by our baby hamsters. they are a great conversation piece. ha.
ahhh so dumb. i just realized i left my newly fixed bike out all night. all during that rainstorm. grrr.

mom- that picture makes me reallyyyy happy.

i can't wait for you ladiez to get up here. that weekend we all are reunited will be glorious. i miss you all and its weird being at purchase and not having you all right next door to me.
loveeeee youu!

Friday, September 5, 2008

i liked yones' free write. here i goes.

damn it's cold in here why did I think the air conditioning was such a good idea oh yeah that's right we walked home from the atlantic avenue stop in 8 layers of all black from work. speaking of work today I made 70 buxxx for lunch which is dope because it's been so fucking slow lately why is our economy so fucking shitty? who the hell is sarah palin and i hate her guts and her alaskan children who does she think she is? who the fuck is old man mcain anyway, this better not be another 2004 disappointment. this music is dope thanks jones. today I was in the 100s which is usually reserved for senior servers and josh c was in the 200s and got in a fight with phil and had to have a sit down talk for like a fucking hour they were both very upset. josh c is one of the senior servers who pretty much owns the place and is a little gay georgia peach.. but a round blue eyed one who is just a darling. with a tude. love him. and phil is our general manager who will cut you with his eyes. and is asian.

I am not very good at free writing. done.

cole might be moving in with us. what's up AV-3!



Thursday, September 4, 2008

I hope no one minds...

I added my gmail as a author on here, I thought it would be easier

Greetings from the Roc!

So, I'm here, I finally made it to the blog that was created out of the apartment I lived in. I'm glad I made it, yet I feel slightly left out because I didn't know this thing existed until a month after it was created. Bitterness aside, I am here, and that's what really matters!

Let me start off by saying how much I miss all of you. There is not a day that goes by that I don't find myself talking about my roommates. I still say roommates because ex-roommates or former roommates sounds so, ugh, and I really just feel dirty even thinking about it. I can't wait for our reunion in a few weeks, it is going to be the best weekend, probably ever.

Since I have moved home, I have learned a few things about life and myself. Some are new things, some are recent realizations of things that were always there, and some of it is just the same old shit. Everything has its pros and cons though, sweet and sour, you get the picture.

Rochester is not that bad, I've really grown to appreciate this place and Im not sure if I will stay here or where I will go from here, but I feel free. Living is easier and I can feed myself now, oh I bruise a lot less now too. I think that has something to do with the eating real food thing, not 2am veggie burgers and fries from Crown Fried Chicken LOL There is the down side to that though, I don't have my ladies. And since I have moved home, I have had a 50% decrease in the Rochester friend count as many of my friends here have fled to other cities. By January, the only close girlfriend I have here, Catherine, will probably have run away to Colorado to live with her boyfriend who just moved there last weekend. I don't really want to think about it.

More new things: my hair is turning into a serious mullet and I have no future plans of getting rid of my baby waterfall in the back. I have also reverted back to dark hair, not black though, chocolate. I have a new found love for mani-pedis, I have been going ever 2 weeks or so. For those that I haven't told, which I think would be anyone that isn't Jones, I have a new obsession with karaoke and go every Sunday. It's like church for drunks.

As we speak, I am trying out those vagi cups. I was at walmart today buying stuff to change my car's oil and needed tampons. After standing in the aisle for 5 minutes longer than necessary just in case the tampon aisle has changed since the last time I bought tampons, my curiousity about those weird things got the best of me and I bought them. Took em home, read the box, opened the package up, popped it in and THEN looked on the internet to get the full deal. A little backwards, but here is what I have learned: they are really not fun to remove, apparently. Im kind of terrified to remove it... On the up-side, there are lots of ladies that claim they are great for sex during that time of the month. Unfortunately for me, I can't experiment with that part of it because one of things in my life that has not changed is my luck with dudes.

Here is what I learned about myself versus the opposite sex lately: wrestlers still suck, my exboyfriend is still crazy, boys that you have known since high school that you have had a crush on since then, and you really thought he might be a nice guy and it would be great to get to know him better still really only wants to get in your pants, other boys that you have also known for awhile that has always been wonderful to you but unfortunately has also always had a girlfriend and the timing was never right until now, but for some reason the thought of dating him scares the shit out of you and you have sleepovers all the time with him, but he never tries/says anything and you wuss out too, will drive you crazy and you will be unsure of his feelings so you let it slide too long and now he ignores you when another girl is around... they suck too. Oh yeah, also boys that were friends of your friends in high school seem like gentleman and intellectually intriguing when you have random conversation with at the local drinking establishment, but turn out to be weird and creepy, and probably also just trying to gain entrance to pants. AND, oh yeah, when talking about boy issues with friend's new roommate who recently broke up with his girlfriend will see your vulnerability and succomb to his own vulnerabilities and casually ask you out to dinner some time. AWKWARD

I learned how to play euchre too, play it all the time while drinking pbr at the local drinking establishment. Have I mentioned that this place is 3 blocks from my house, and I still always drive there? Yeah...

Ok, I've rambled enough, but I have a lot to make up for. And a lot of reading to catch up on... So until next time when our stars realign...


Wednesday, September 3, 2008


why does typing after you have painted your nails feel so great?

Monday, September 1, 2008


hey ladiez!
i'm sitting watching the premiere of gossip girls, and also discussing the show with my friend taryn via aim. i never really watched it before, and i only did tonight so i could pick out the scenes that they shot in my neck of the woods. but now i think i may be obsessed and want to watch it all the time.

i move back to purch tomorrow. well sort of. in my drugged up state the other day i made an appt for wednesday morning. so tomorrow i move in, just to drive right back home. i'm kinda nervous and stressed about this year, i still haven't figured out what my senior project is going to be, i need to get on that asap.

i'm gonna really miss this summer. i know i didn't get to see you ladies much and i'm sorry for it. but i spent this summer getting back in touch with long island. i've spent the past few years hating this place for various reasons, but this summer i started to love it again. i embraced my last summer as a child and went crazy.

i'm going to try and be around more from now on, hopefully my senior project and a job will allow that to happen. i need to start my job hunt like immediately. i've got like 400 bucks to my name, and that sure won't last long once i start buying groceries and whatnot.

okkkk time to go to hayleys house....i'll finish this later!
love you all!