Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hit me on ma beepa, beepa, beepa...

Yo sons so I got a job where Alysse works waiting tables in Times Square (well west 49th and broadway) where someday soon I'll be making bank but probably not until mid-july after I work my way up to 5, maybe 6 tables. I finished training this week and take my exam on monday- but have yet to really study all the shit on the menu and the ingredients because I'm always so distracted with other things I want to do! Like 2 mansion parties in a row this weekend (not the Glen Cove Mansion.. real mansions!) and sleeping in all day with Michael or Ali, depending on who I'm hung over with. :D.

I got the 4th 5th and 6th of July off so you can bet your sweet bippie I'll dress to impress as a bodiqua at SaL's baller bash. Holliepop made an appearance at the Mansion party on Friday and made me non stop laugh all night, someone spilled beer on my skirt and she made me a garbage bag skirt called - Kirkland Signature Skirt. The brand of garbage bags was Kirkland Signature. I wore it all night it was a hit. Kinda like Hollipop.

Jones I loved ya black cat story! I miss you wish I got to see you more, I miss last summer when neither of us ever really worked haha and we just hung out in the New or went wandering in the city with to-go drinks. Them was the days.

I'm starvin'''''''''' I'm at Ali's whom I had to wake up to get dropped off here because Mike had to go to work. I'm so glad it always works out so perfectly when I come that if Ali's working, he's not, vice versa. *sigh*. it's a beautiful life

(oh, ohhh)

Okay Love ya'lls. Miss ya'lls. balls.