Thursday, July 31, 2008


Yesterday at work i got two containers of salad dressing spilled all over me and then slipped and fell on my face in the middle of the restaurant. I was a complete mess and ready to cry. I walked in my boss's office and he laughed at me. I was so glad when someone ordered a frozen marg cause then i made way too much and poured it into my cup and finished it off. one of my regulars was nice enough to go to his car and get me a shirt to wear, he then proceeded to force jagerbombs and flaming dr. peppers on me. i wish my boss wasn't there at that moment, cause i would have totally downed those babies. haha.

last night i went pier jumping last night and now my feet are all cut up and bleeding. damn having to run barefoot on gravel and climbing on docks. i'm like limping around now. booooooo. but it was totally worth the pain. it was like 15 of us jumping off a shack on the dock so it was higher than usual.
well i'm off to cvs to go pick up bandaids and antiseptic so that i don't get diseases.

love you all.