Sunday, July 20, 2008

get hi.


i really really really miss new york. ugh. we all don't talk enough. i feel like i'm a million miles away. on a space odyssey with no pre-paid space phone. i feel a bit ghostly. pretty disconnected.

i'm the queen of stupid fucking decisions.

i really wish i could come home for guyetti's birthday, but i don't have enough fundage right now. i have an amazing job that pays great but i get paid bi-weekly and i won't even have my first paycheck until after the celebration. i feel like everything is off schedule. i WOULD be able to afford it, but the damn money doesn't come until, seriously, two days after i'd get back from NY. it's like every single element of my life out here works against every single element of my life back there. so gay. time just never wants to make a compromise. it's a selfish dickstore. always gettin its way.

there was a crazy storm on friday that made double rainbows burst from the sky. seriously. there was a rainbow piggy backing another rainbow, and you could see the whole arch. that means there were four ends of the rainbow. one of them landed not far beyond my back door. i waited and waited for you all to show up at my end of that rainbow, but your gay asses never showed. i'm so stealing your lucky charms. i got pictures of it. my lazy bum will post a couple of them later.

anyway, i wish i'd hear from y'all more. i never know when to call you gals. i know you all are super busy with jobs and fun summer stuff and fluffy togetherness, so i tend to hold off on calling and instead complain about my colourless life on here. cross-continental crybabying.

drop me a line? v-conference?

miss miss miss. love love love.