Sunday, September 7, 2008

yada yada yada.

annnnnd here we go.
i went to a gallery opening tonight in long island city the first time i've been to LIC in years i forgot about the amazing view of the city and how every thing is so beautiful and industrial there i wish that i could afford it i keep thinking about the 18th and seeing everyone again oddly enough i even hope that thomas is there and that i can be excited about the past and listening to records and music and laughter and hugs i want hugs shit i haven't been to hugs all summer that bar was awesomeness i'm talking to scott now and i think that this friendship is the most to say the least (a fantastic line from grease, i haven't watched that in so long) i am growing a little bit of confidence each day i feel like someone with a broken bone growing ever so faithful in their ability to put pressure on their wounds at some point they just won't notice it, but they'll be walking.
walking walking walking.
with pride.


SO... my car was broken into... again. This time in my fucking driveway! And not only was it broken into, but the little shits tried to steal it. Fucked up the steering column. Fucked up the keyhole. Then we got the key stuck in the ignition when we were trying to make sure it turned on. Then it got so stuck that it wouldnt turn at all. Now it is inoperable . And of course it had to happen on sunday, when no shops are open. Poor little car :*(

What is wrong with people?