Wednesday, July 23, 2008

update on 3sevs pt. 2 brooklyn

I have to keep this brief, as I am tired and cranky.

Mom is moving back to Rochester.
Our room flooded again tonight.So when Jess gets home tonight we have to talk about breaking the lease and moving out by September.
Josh Underwood was supposed to move in.
I'm enjoying my time at Ruby Foo's and there aren't any boys there for me to love (it's great).

Okay stress stress stress. love love love.

Brittany, call me anytime. Also listen to Nada Surf's "Your legs grow" if ever you need to think of me. Here are the lyrics if you need to know why:

If you were here
Baby we'd increase the dose
There was no fear in my room
When we got close
Call me anytime
You've got a ghost
And you're the only person in the world
I feel that way about
And if you move off to the side
I'll get swept back out
Where it's cold but not that deep
Coz your legs grow
There's a light that rises up
From the bottom of the lake
And its beam has hit me hard
Now I'm wide awake
Where it's cold but not that deep
Coz your legs grow

I feel like your summer is the winner, Jean. I hope you're enjoying every breathing moment of it.