Thursday, June 26, 2008


that's what you are, jean. champion and love of my damn life.

there was just a backyard photobooth photo shoot.

i got baby bun to model for me:

and captain dan:

and our uberclassy tiger furnishings:

okay. enough blogging for todays.

some kissies:



dogs get hangovers too.

um so brody is extremely hungover today. last night i had a bunch of people over cause momwater left for montauk. i ended up getting trashed and agreeing to let chris have my favorite sunglasses. and also i don't remember jess being at my house at all. apparently she tried to wake me up from my slumber on the couch but failed. i woke up at about 4am to find sal sleeping on the couch next to me and everyone else gone. the lovely michael dylan decided to just leave and not wake sal up and mike was his ride. hah. what a good friend. 
doesn't get any classier. clutching a bottle of rum, chris' hat and sportin' a pack of nerds on my chest.

tomorrow evening i head out to montauk, and i'll be there till monday. i'm so stoked. saturday morning i'll be up at 7am so i can go surfing. oh how i love it there. its one of my favorite places. alcohol + the ocean = my life. i wish you all could come you guys would love it. 

well i must run. chris is coming to collecting me so we can drink it up. 
love and miss you all. <3 



my video chat magically works again.  i propose a conference call, ladez.  

there was an amazing thunderstorm last night and it has kind of left the sky looking half dreary, half glorious today.  it can't decide to rain or shine.  i'm sitting around the house in my skivvies, watching travel channel and drinking coffee, looking at airline tix.  dan already bought his and it looks like he will be joining you all for the first full day of independence.  i will know soon if i am able to go, too.  i freakin hope so.  if i can't, i'm gonna set the mountains on fire.  

did i tell you guys we have bunnies that live under the house?  there are three grown ups and a baby.  we throw baby carrots and apples at them and they love it.  we recently found another backyard pet... sneaky the snake.  he likes to slither through the bushes and sleep on the ledge of the basement window, where he can see all of the little salamanders that hang out down there.  

my brother is moving out here!  i think he will be flying out next week.  i so can't wait to have him here.  after telling him that we are surrounded by skateparks and that trees are super cheap out here, he couldn't resist.  in buffalo, he was living in an attic that didn't have windows.  they lived next to a big fat lady named "sugar mama" and she would let her kids run in the street and set traps for cars.  they'd line up piles of broken glass and throw bottles at cars when they drove by.  scotty and jon were pretty sure it was a crack house.  or a kiddie bordello.  who knows.  buffalo, buffalo.

i got my hair chopped off again yesterday.  there's a toni&guy nearby and the kid who cut my hair is the son of the founder.  he was soooo good at washing hair.  he had big hands and massaged my scalp and shoulders for like twenty minutes.  he also used only scissors to craft my cut, which was awesome.  i've always had people bust out buzzers.  remember that one time i had that super butch lesbo bowl cut?  i'm so glad i don't have to worry about having another awkward haircut as long as i'm here.

i need to mow down on a breakfast bowl and take some laundry to the mat.  before i go, i'd like to thank kimya dawson's blog for shining light on probably the most unintentionally disturbing site i've ever seen...  check it:

mandatory vlognam party asap, loves.



i wish it didn't have to be so bad

I'm listening to Blink182, so please excuse that title. Things are far from bad. It's just about 330 in the morning, so I'm not going to say much- but I think I might like this fellow.
And for the moment, I'm all smiles. 

but really... is his trip to canada necessary right this moment?!
arf. goodnight

-jonesicals bonesicals.