Monday, December 29, 2008


check the date on that one.
three years later we meet and then start dating. i guess he was right, he would like me. haha. too bad its all fucked up now.


Friday, December 26, 2008

oh herro

hey lovies.
hope all of your christmas' were wonderful. mine was long and half way thru i got the "irish flu" (according to mr. krieb). never again will i drink i giant glass of baileys at my gma's house. too hot in there. by the time i got to chris' family party i was on the verge of barfing all over and fainting. i sat and watched all the drinking games and drank lots of water. i finally started to feel better and ended up being the last to leave the party. so all ended well.
i got a gps from my mom, so you know what that meansss!! road trips everywhere, once i get paychecks from my job.
now i'm watching enchanted and trying to back up my computer so that i can finally update to leopard. WOOOO!! hopefully i don't lose my bootleg programs. that would suck.
uhp. i think i backed all my shit up. so time to get down to business.
love and miss you all!


Friday, December 19, 2008

RE: RE: bahumbug

i agree with ya ladies. i don't feel as though i am in the christmas spirit this year. i've attended numerous christmas parties all ready, but it still doesn't feel like its the holidays. i guess maybe the fact that i have done zero holiday shopping and won't ever do any because of the amount of debt i am in right now. its kind of a bummer how the magic of christmas is gone. i want to be a little kid who counts the days till santa comes.
today my mom and i drove my brother to school on our way to work, only to find out that the 15 minute ride was a waste of time because glen cove cancelled school for the day. all because of the inclimate weather....which by the way has yet to start. so we turned around and took him home. i wish i got snow days. i am pooped. had some people over last night, lots of irish coffee, beer, and true life; stayed up way too late and had to wake up at 6:30 for work. i will most likely be nodding off at my desk today. i've been at work for about a week now and my mom has yet to give me work to do. i just dick around on the internet and get paid for it cause she forgets about me. fyi...i walked into my mom's office before and she hands me tin of cookies and tells me to eat them cause she wants the tin they came in. this job is gonna make me fat. hahah.
ok. well i think i'm gonna go take a stroll around the office. talk to you lovely ladies soon!
miss you all! <3


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Re: bahhumbug

You know, I must admit I am feeling the same way entirely. I don't have Christmas gifts for anyone, I don't really mind if I don't get any either... It's almost as though this isn't really December. Thanksgiving was weird. My birthday was vacant and Christmas is probably going to be a repeat of Thanksgiving especially since my family thinks I need anti-depressants and to move back home.
On a good note: I'm actually not an alcoholic! I haven't even been drunk in two weeks!! hahah the little joys of life. Which means I'm going to go get involved with the irish coffee that's been on my mind :)
B-pod... I'm going to wear your face around my neck tonight. I'll take pictures and maybe that will make sense one day.



The other day I said to my mom, "Mom, you know how much I love Christmas right?" and she said, "of course" then I said to her, "Mom, I just don't think I have any Christmas spirit this year." I love Christmas time, with the snow and the lights and the tree, but it seems I've avoided everything christmasy this year. I'm not hating on Christmas, or being scrooge-like, I guess I just dont care this year. And I have been so bummed out by it, I mean, I am probably going to have to work christmas eve at work, and honestly don't care that I do. Which is crazy because christmas eve at my house is way more important than christmas day!

I dont know guys... am I the only one feeling this way? Oh yeah, not to mention I still have no gifts for anyone... and I honestly wouldn't care if nobody got me any gifts. I really just wish I could skip christmas this year, get right on to new years and start over!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a haiku

I will check my phone
Constantly until you call
So sometime soon, please?


Monday, December 15, 2008

oh balls.

i think i'm destined for a drama filled love life. ughuhghhhhhhh.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Well hello there.

hey ladies.
i'm currently home on long island, i decided to start my thanksgiving break early. Like 5 days early. Feels pretty wonderful to just dick around and not worry about my homework and papers for a few days. I had a very stressful week, if ya wanna know what happened ask me cause I don't want to post it on here.

Yesterday afternoon was the first time I left my apartment in three days. Partied wayyyyy to hard on Friday night so I decided to take a break from life. I rearranged my room and cleaned it so its spotless now. It hasn't been clean in I don't even know how long. Darren came over saturday night and we watched lots and lots of It's Always Sunny. Oh how i love that show.

Last night I went to Gallagher's in Sea Cliff and drank myself silly. It was Monday night football, so $2 buds and 30 cent wings. Yum Yum. We didn't end up watching any of the game, cause we were all so enthralled in a game of Trivial Pursuit. I once again tried to mend my break up with tequila.....FAILED! i took part of the shot of patron and gagged and gave the rest to Natalie. I was home and in bed by 12:30, i have no idea whyyyy so early.

I should probably get up and start my day. I will talk to you ladies very soon! Miss and love you all!!!


P.S. Brittylove, I'm really sorry to hear about your rough few weeks. If ya need to talk call me up. I'll send some love and happy energy through the phone. <3

Sunday, November 23, 2008

whiskey rain.

been a while, eh?

i am currently in castle rock at my parents' house visiting my ma. dad's been out of town a few days and i decided to devote my saturday night to a mommadotta date. we went to a cool rock club in downtown denver and saw a sweet ass country band called the railbenders play. everyone was swing dancing. i had a blue moon for the first time in forevs. it was the first night i felt okay in a while.

some updates:

-things that are so unbelievably NOT kickass-

-dad lost his job.
-great grandma mary passed away.
-mom and dad are probably moving back to new york.
-little scotty garrison wants to hop on the bandwagon and return to the east coast too.

it's been a very rough ride the past few weeks and i've been a big emotional gooch.

however, on the flipside:

-things that are kickass-

-i got a new job and a promotion.
-i moved into my new place in boulder.
-karen is coming to visit january 9-12.
-one of my lifelong friends is getting married in april and she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. which means i will get to go home to b-town for my birthday again and see a bunch of lovely ladies i haven't seen in forever.

i miss new york a lot. i miss you guys a lotter.

jones and alysse- it was so good to hear your voices the other day.
millz- i found a cute little cafe that has wireless, so i will be able to have ichats with you again soon. i'mma calls you soon because i miss you big.
guyetti- i'mma call you too. i know you HATE talking on the phone, but, dammit, i'm gonna make you. even if it's just long enough to say i love ya.

i must go bird shopping for thursday now. love love love. miss miss miss.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

no way you?

A few updates for everyone!
As we all know, I stopped working at Ruby Foo's a little bit over a month ago. I got a new job at a clothing store (which shall remain unnamed for fear of them finding my blog and hunting me down). I took the job even though the pay was going to be unlivable in respect to my bills, in hopes that it would amount to something more in the future. After three weeks I got a sweet promotion :) I'm an MIT (manager in training). I have keys and everything; this makes me feel important.

More important than all of this, I am going to Rochester in one week. I get to see Mom and get the hell out of this city for three days. I CAN NOT WAIT.

I am also going to look into some extracurricular activities. I get off of work at a very reasonable time these days and I need to start doing something other than drinking. I am either going to get back into sewing, building things, or I am going to have my mom take me food shopping and actually come home and cook satisfying dinner and not feeling like death everyday.

B-12 vitamins are great. Maybe it's a placebo effect, but when I take them I feel all sorts of invincible. I even smirk! That's my sign of pleasure!!

I made a new blog.


Monday, November 3, 2008

sick puppy.

hey my loves.
i'm bored and waiting for sarhar to get out of the shower so that i can get in, so i figured i'd do some blogging. i've been sick for a week now. i started to get better the other day, but i've since just gone back downhill health wise. my voice is pretty shot, at work yesterday i felt really bad. i was like coughing everywhere and trying to help customers. oh well. i'm really over this job, sarhar walked out and quit on saturday, and i feel like i will be following very soon. my boss does shady things like put me on the schedule and not tell me about, but tell someone else that i have to work that day. shitty shitty shitty. she's prob gonna try and make me work on sunday, but eff that. no way no how. i'm going to yale on sunday (nerdy neu guide stuff). we're going to see how their guide program is and show the newbies what real guides look like. i really want to quit before thanksgiving, cause i haven't gotten to go home for an extended period of time this semester. its been like one day trips, so lame. and i really would like to have the time on weekends to visit friends all over the place...aka all you guys. i'm going home this afternoon, but only so i can vote at like 7am tomorrow morning and drive right back to purch to go to work.

uhp well sarah is done with the shower. i need to shower realllll fast and get to class. i'll talk to you ladiez soon!!

love and miss you all,


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hello it's me.

Whose crap is this?

No seriously our apartment is disgusting. Living with boys is such a bad idea. Except the fact that they are awesome boys and I love them. But this place gives me the willies when I think too much about it. Having random crap strewn about is one thing (threesevs) but when it comes to old dishes, food, and garbage- that's a whole 'nother side of the pickle I didn't want to bite into. Humph.

I stopped saying anything, though. No point. Five more months and maybe it will be a different story? I change my mind everyday. It's okay I'm 22 (this is my excuse for everything).

My student loans amount to about 800 dollars a month. This is terrifying. The fact that I made over 500 dollars this weekend alone though shows small glimmers of hope that I can make this work; payments may be a week or two late, but I can do it. I can!

Halloween at work was a blast. We all had to dress up as "Classic Movie Villains", and I was Poison Ivy - thanks for the great idea Jonesies! It was a hit. After work, I went across the street to the Playwright with a few of the Senior Severs and had two double shots of Patron and two Yuenglings that I never ordered but were given to me lovingly by one of my favorite servers Ryan, who when it was time to pay said "Just give me ten bucks." Sweet! Jonesies met up with us in her Urkel gear stretchin' up a storm and making everyone around her die laughing:

"DO YOU WORK OUT? YOU LOOK LIKE YOU WORK OUT...." etc. What a night.

I got called into work tonight, and was a half hour late (even for my on call shift!) because a man collapsed on the local-running Q train, this was at Court Street in Brooklyn. I couldn't tell if he was having a stroke or a heart attack, but he was really old and literally collapsed on the man sitting next to him. I was sitting at the other end of the car and had my headphones on listening to my "Good Mood City Mix" which happened at that moment to be Ben Kweller, and didn't realize what was even going on until I was like "Why the fuck are we still sitting here? What is everyone looking at?" Then I realized someone was pushing the Emergency button trying to get the conductor to call an ambulance. Everyone was really concerned and a bit shaken, including myself, which left with yet another glimmer of hope in people; I think they're all basically selfless when you strip them down to being downright humane. He wasn't unconscious when I got off the train to step across the track to catch the R, but he was extremely delusional. I hope everything is alright with him.

Other than that, I've been watching Entertainment tonight, browsing Craig's List personals (for real) and corresponding via email with some interesting fellows just for fun, and it is fun. Who's surprised though? Not you guys, who've watched me boyfriend shop on Facebook, boyfriend shop on Myspace, and also meet up with these people. Ya'll know nothin's changed.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It's almost halloween, Im pretty stoked! Except for the fact that I am sick and have no boys to have drunken zombie sex with. I decided on the way home from work today that I was going to be a fallen angel. I have spent this entire month trying to come up with something creative that still allows me to cover myself in fake blood, but isn't a zombie. Nothing will top last halloween though :-/ At least I don't have to work, but still no good, solid things to do.

What are all you ladies bein'?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i almost forgot the secret code.

guess what guys.

i move to boulder in three days.

little scotty garrison and i are going to be roommates.

our apartment has two beg decks and lots of closets to hide in.

this is me unghosting myself a bit, bit by bit.

sorry for being foggy.

i miss you all with all of my bathwatery heart.

mom, your lovely inward posts are causes for the sniffles.

i carry you all with me everywhere.

this must be a bedtime blog for now, as i have to be up early to get druggie tested for my new job.

(edit: i carry you all with me everywhere, but i politely omit the loo.)

til tomorrow.


Monday, October 27, 2008

what will you do wubbzy.

As I sit here watching Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, I can't seem to find the energy to do basic things like shower or make coffee because i've become the laziest person in existence but I am reallllllly pumped to go vote in like 7 days. I can't wait to step into the booth and make decisions about councilmen and other positions that we're forced to vote on that we probably haven't researched because we've only been thinking about Obama vs. McCain. But either way, I'm excited.

I keep having these dreams where I am working at Ruby Foo's again and everything is fine and dandy- Except that in a few of them I get to the table and realize that I don't remember the blurb. Foo-mares will never leave me alone.

Wow. I really love children's shows. I don't want to watch anything but QVC and Noggin when I wake up; I am slowly becoming my mother.

Also, will someone please tell me what to do with my life? I really hope I know by next summer.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

kawfee tawk

I am staring at my computer, lost in facebook, I some how started on Bics pictures and then made it to the junior homecoming pictures of him, which made me really want to see all those pictures for the millionth time, and as I took a sip of my coffee (that is at least an hour and a half old, but still luke-warm and almost too sweet from the sugar that has settled to the bottom, in my nifty new starbucks to-go cup) and made it to the end of the album and then cycled back in to the same pictures again, I realized I wasn't looking at the people in the photographs so much as all the stuff in the background, our lives all meshed together, our things, our mess, and at the time, and even to an average on-looker, that place may have looked gross, but those pictures have so much of us in them beyond us remembering a face, but a place, an era, a lifetime of memories crammed into a tiny college apartment filled with more crap and estrogen that I'm surprised we didn't blow the got-damn'd roof off the joint, so ladies, next time you find yourself going through our memories of 3sevs and missin' a sister or 2, or4, remember our mess and the most amazing year five ladies could ever ask for

Monday, October 20, 2008


so friday night some assholes decided to fuck with cars in the alumni lot. ugh. they ripped my mirror off my driver side. what a load of bullshit. its going to cost me over 200 bucks to replace the mirror. gahhhh. i'm too poor for this. goodbye being able to buy groceries for the next week or so.


a very pissed off Jean

Saturday, October 18, 2008


The trick was writing "Rochester" on the dates of November 16th to the 18th in my planner. Then I bought the tickets. That way I had already told myself that I would be visiting Mom. I can't wait. Also, I'm going to get a second job. I think it might be at the Apparel. Well, at least there's where I'm going to apply. Fingers crossed. (Ha I originally typed "fongers".)
Discounts. Discounts. Discounts.


Sunday, October 12, 2008


I haven't had a drink in a week and I am having my first glass of wine tonight. Its making me really warm and nostalgic, I really miss you guys.

Britt, where is your facebook?

I am going to cosmatology school in January and really excited about it. I thought about coming down again on tuesday cuz I have 3 days off in a row, but I should really save my money.

I think its an excellent idea that any/all of you come visit me soon! I will throw down for anyone who wants to come.

love, mom

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


"my eyes feel drunk. my stomach feels warm. but my body is fully functional."
"it's the tequila. you gotta be functional to take your clothes off."

I'll let you guess who said what. I'm currently drinking the non-alcoholic version of what made me say that earlier today- I came home from my newest employment endeavor ( and went on a brief, albeit fantastic bike ride. Riding a bike just makes me feel so adventurous and happy. After said bike ride Yessi and I pounded some tequira drinks and I fell asleep. I woke up and ordered Papa John's. Five slices later I'm in a bed that doesn't smell of me, but of a boy I (barely) like and still call.

I'm dialing old numbers again. But not making old mistakes. I want to go on vacation. Burlington maybe? Camillus? Rochester? or save my moneys and worry about those student loans that are about to come-a-knocking.

Where the hell is my winter warmth? I was really trying to be preemptive about this and all I've got is this stupid coat and these boots.

Something I took from my LJ on Sunday. I miss everyone! <3

Sometimes I wonder where I thought I'd be by this time.
What I'd be doing.
Who I'd be with.
What I'd want to be doing.
Who I'd want to be with.

But here I am, on my couch in Brooklyn wrapped up in my technicolor comforter obviously from the mid-80s, watching Sunday movies on TNT, happy that I didn't get called into work-- yet slightly worrying about money.

Leaving my apartment an hour before I need to be at work every day, walking to the bus stop. Waiting. Getting on the usually over-crowded bus with its extremely audible passengers, trying to make sure my giant purse doesn't knock someone over every time the bus driver goes over a pothole. Stepping down the steps to the back of the bus, pushing the doors open to make sure they don't slam back in my face, and walking across the street to the DeKalb avenue station where I once again, wait.

Waiting for whichever train comes first. Will it be the B? I hope it's the B, because if it's the B not only is it express, but then I won't have to transfer, and I can get right off at Rockefeller center and walk the two blocks into work. The Q is also express, however does not stop at my work, and leaves me at 42nd street in Times Square- where I must either transfer again, and gamble waiting too long for another train, or walk 7 blocks of hell through the tourism capital of ... maybe the world, but definitely the country. For sure. Not the stress I want to put on myself before walking into one of the top ten most stressful jobs in the history of jobs. Serving.

For someone who gets nauseatingly bored ever so easily, I've found it to be the perfect side job. No day is ever the same, I'm constantly moving around and interacting around the clock, and I meet hundreds of people a day. I've also learned quite a bit about wine and sake, valuable and timeless knowledge.

As stressful as it can be sometimes, it sure beats boring. Fortunately, my place of work also happens to employ some of the wittiest and charming characters I have ever met, I feel lucky to have acquainted and acquired these fine people as friends.

My work is fun.

However, I can't wait to finish my Bachelor's from Brooklyn College in Radio and Television, and maybe someday really figure out what I want do to with my life.

Besides live every day like I already am-- happy and fulfilled.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i'm so sad.

so i was just informed this morning that my baby boy Tiger passed away in his sleep last night. blah. i'm crying. we're having a mini funeral next week for him at my house.

i'm gonna miss my little buddy so much.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

why do hamsters love wheels?

so health and safety inspections are going on for the next two weeks. so this means that the "boys" have to hide, so we have them doing rotations through our rooms. which is a fine with me except for the fact that frank the tank has to be on the wheel at all times. its like his security blanket or something.

i can't wait for you ladies to get up here. can't believe its tuesday and you all will be here on friday. eeeee!!! it will be a shitshow in purchase that night. darren's new band is playing a show friday night in his apt on g-street. we should check it out. i'm not sure yet of what kind of music they play. don't really know if they do either, they like formed last week. its with pat king and some people.

eeeek! my milk went bad. and i really want to eat cereal. i'm gonna go hit up the hub and snag some. talk to ya ladies soon!
love you!

don't ask me...

how that job interview went. I'll get all cher in clueless on you and say "I wouldn't know"
Turns out I couldn't get my switch approved and will be going into to work this morning. Balls Balls Balls.
Also. fucking barking animals in the morning.

Monday, September 15, 2008


I have a job interview for the We the Free (a spin off of Free People) store that's opening in Brooklyn tomorrow morning. I'm so fucking excited.
Also, this is about to be the best week ever. Here's why:

- Wednesday night, after my double, Jess, whoever comes from the Foo, and I are going out to get delicious 20 cent wings at this bar in the west village.
- Thursday morning, Hellllllllllllllllllo Alysse.
- Thursday night, movie night at JT's place. This means Scott, his wonderful girlfriend Eva and so many other friends.
- Friday afternoon / night, the reunion I've been waiting for. No need for more
- Saturday, hangovers and hopefully a group trip back to Brooklyn?
- Sunday, Potluck dinner at 3sevs (pt. 2)

Does this not sound like the most glorious of ocassions???

Ah okay. I have to get my beauty rest. I have to be a tieeeen (10) tomorrow.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

so weird.

hey my loves.
i'm currently sitting in my apt, watching pete & pete, and am extremely high.
tonight was such a weird night. it was the real first moment where i had no one to hang out with. it made me really really miss last year. after getting fed up of sitting in my apt i headed out to explore. i wandered the olde and alumni for quite awhile. i ended up hanging out with dogman and my friend sam most of the night. after smoking in the former dog pound and watching clips of the bug movie i decided to hit the road. so i had a nice 3am stroll through campus, it was kinda nice.

ok, well i'm gonna go.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

bonjourno!!!!! clapclapclapclapclap

I'm drinking pint glass after pint glass of dericious iced coffee with very vanilla soy and brown sugar for breakfast. I suppose I should put something substantial in my body. Like eggs. and toast.

Meagan is coming down tonight, I think. She has a few photo shoots and a date and asked if she could sleep over and I'm like SUREE FUCKIN MISS YOU BITCH. Just like that, I said it just like that.

I haven't been outside since approx 3:30 am on Saturday when I drunkenly walked home with my co-worker Anette who goes to Pratt and is extremely tall and is just a gorgeous little thing, but... not all there. Not all there at all. But that's why I love her. She's from a small town in PA and you can totally tell.

Anyway, I didn't have to work Sunday, yesterday, or today and I've cooped myself up in the apartment the whole time and it's been so marvelous. I haven't spent hardly a penny, just 10 on a few groceries and emergen-c. And I just transferred $50 from my checking account to my credit card but these are all completely necessary expenditures. if that is indeed a word.

I have watched every episode of weeds on and have now moved onto gossip girl.

I was just telling jean how I've been oddly missing Ben lately, but haven't seen or talked to him in months and months so I don't know what's up. Hopefully it will pass or something.

Can't wait to see you PYTs in a couple weeks!!!

guyetti mag.

Monday, September 8, 2008

i am beyond pissed right now.

gahhhhh. i'm sitting in my apt and i'm really upset. sarah is occassionally yelling at the tv while cooking dinner. channel 11 has no sound and the new episode of gossip girls on. we bought wine and made pasta so we could enjoy the show, and now we can't even watch it. shittyyyyyy.




Last night, the bar down the street from me, Lux (Im sure I have talked about it with some of you) it was their 6th birthday party, and there was a million people there, and carnival games, and, yes, hula hoopers. I couldnt see them but from afar because of the volume of people butttttt.....I went there at about 1am tonight and there were some things left over, including 2 really solid hula hoops. I stole them, and do not feel bad about it. I also think I should bring one when I come visit...but thats a side note. This prompted me to come home and play in an empty room in my house with my new toys. Which further prompted me to youtube hula hoopers. I came across this cirque video and made me think of Jess and Jones. Jess because she loves hurahoopz and Jones because this chic was contorting whilst hurahoopin'.


also, b-PoD, Im watching metalocalypse (sp?)

Love and kisses,


Sunday, September 7, 2008

yada yada yada.

annnnnd here we go.
i went to a gallery opening tonight in long island city the first time i've been to LIC in years i forgot about the amazing view of the city and how every thing is so beautiful and industrial there i wish that i could afford it i keep thinking about the 18th and seeing everyone again oddly enough i even hope that thomas is there and that i can be excited about the past and listening to records and music and laughter and hugs i want hugs shit i haven't been to hugs all summer that bar was awesomeness i'm talking to scott now and i think that this friendship is the most to say the least (a fantastic line from grease, i haven't watched that in so long) i am growing a little bit of confidence each day i feel like someone with a broken bone growing ever so faithful in their ability to put pressure on their wounds at some point they just won't notice it, but they'll be walking.
walking walking walking.
with pride.


SO... my car was broken into... again. This time in my fucking driveway! And not only was it broken into, but the little shits tried to steal it. Fucked up the steering column. Fucked up the keyhole. Then we got the key stuck in the ignition when we were trying to make sure it turned on. Then it got so stuck that it wouldnt turn at all. Now it is inoperable . And of course it had to happen on sunday, when no shops are open. Poor little car :*(

What is wrong with people?

Saturday, September 6, 2008


last night was the first friday night at purch, and well it was pretty standard. the usual parties in the streets of the olde, some familiar faces and soooo many dumb freshman. me and sarah got fed up avoiding the cops, so we had a mini party in our apt instead. which quickly turned into everyone drinking and smoking and being entranced by our baby hamsters. they are a great conversation piece. ha.
ahhh so dumb. i just realized i left my newly fixed bike out all night. all during that rainstorm. grrr.

mom- that picture makes me reallyyyy happy.

i can't wait for you ladiez to get up here. that weekend we all are reunited will be glorious. i miss you all and its weird being at purchase and not having you all right next door to me.
loveeeee youu!

Friday, September 5, 2008

i liked yones' free write. here i goes.

damn it's cold in here why did I think the air conditioning was such a good idea oh yeah that's right we walked home from the atlantic avenue stop in 8 layers of all black from work. speaking of work today I made 70 buxxx for lunch which is dope because it's been so fucking slow lately why is our economy so fucking shitty? who the hell is sarah palin and i hate her guts and her alaskan children who does she think she is? who the fuck is old man mcain anyway, this better not be another 2004 disappointment. this music is dope thanks jones. today I was in the 100s which is usually reserved for senior servers and josh c was in the 200s and got in a fight with phil and had to have a sit down talk for like a fucking hour they were both very upset. josh c is one of the senior servers who pretty much owns the place and is a little gay georgia peach.. but a round blue eyed one who is just a darling. with a tude. love him. and phil is our general manager who will cut you with his eyes. and is asian.

I am not very good at free writing. done.

cole might be moving in with us. what's up AV-3!



Thursday, September 4, 2008

I hope no one minds...

I added my gmail as a author on here, I thought it would be easier

Greetings from the Roc!

So, I'm here, I finally made it to the blog that was created out of the apartment I lived in. I'm glad I made it, yet I feel slightly left out because I didn't know this thing existed until a month after it was created. Bitterness aside, I am here, and that's what really matters!

Let me start off by saying how much I miss all of you. There is not a day that goes by that I don't find myself talking about my roommates. I still say roommates because ex-roommates or former roommates sounds so, ugh, and I really just feel dirty even thinking about it. I can't wait for our reunion in a few weeks, it is going to be the best weekend, probably ever.

Since I have moved home, I have learned a few things about life and myself. Some are new things, some are recent realizations of things that were always there, and some of it is just the same old shit. Everything has its pros and cons though, sweet and sour, you get the picture.

Rochester is not that bad, I've really grown to appreciate this place and Im not sure if I will stay here or where I will go from here, but I feel free. Living is easier and I can feed myself now, oh I bruise a lot less now too. I think that has something to do with the eating real food thing, not 2am veggie burgers and fries from Crown Fried Chicken LOL There is the down side to that though, I don't have my ladies. And since I have moved home, I have had a 50% decrease in the Rochester friend count as many of my friends here have fled to other cities. By January, the only close girlfriend I have here, Catherine, will probably have run away to Colorado to live with her boyfriend who just moved there last weekend. I don't really want to think about it.

More new things: my hair is turning into a serious mullet and I have no future plans of getting rid of my baby waterfall in the back. I have also reverted back to dark hair, not black though, chocolate. I have a new found love for mani-pedis, I have been going ever 2 weeks or so. For those that I haven't told, which I think would be anyone that isn't Jones, I have a new obsession with karaoke and go every Sunday. It's like church for drunks.

As we speak, I am trying out those vagi cups. I was at walmart today buying stuff to change my car's oil and needed tampons. After standing in the aisle for 5 minutes longer than necessary just in case the tampon aisle has changed since the last time I bought tampons, my curiousity about those weird things got the best of me and I bought them. Took em home, read the box, opened the package up, popped it in and THEN looked on the internet to get the full deal. A little backwards, but here is what I have learned: they are really not fun to remove, apparently. Im kind of terrified to remove it... On the up-side, there are lots of ladies that claim they are great for sex during that time of the month. Unfortunately for me, I can't experiment with that part of it because one of things in my life that has not changed is my luck with dudes.

Here is what I learned about myself versus the opposite sex lately: wrestlers still suck, my exboyfriend is still crazy, boys that you have known since high school that you have had a crush on since then, and you really thought he might be a nice guy and it would be great to get to know him better still really only wants to get in your pants, other boys that you have also known for awhile that has always been wonderful to you but unfortunately has also always had a girlfriend and the timing was never right until now, but for some reason the thought of dating him scares the shit out of you and you have sleepovers all the time with him, but he never tries/says anything and you wuss out too, will drive you crazy and you will be unsure of his feelings so you let it slide too long and now he ignores you when another girl is around... they suck too. Oh yeah, also boys that were friends of your friends in high school seem like gentleman and intellectually intriguing when you have random conversation with at the local drinking establishment, but turn out to be weird and creepy, and probably also just trying to gain entrance to pants. AND, oh yeah, when talking about boy issues with friend's new roommate who recently broke up with his girlfriend will see your vulnerability and succomb to his own vulnerabilities and casually ask you out to dinner some time. AWKWARD

I learned how to play euchre too, play it all the time while drinking pbr at the local drinking establishment. Have I mentioned that this place is 3 blocks from my house, and I still always drive there? Yeah...

Ok, I've rambled enough, but I have a lot to make up for. And a lot of reading to catch up on... So until next time when our stars realign...


Wednesday, September 3, 2008


why does typing after you have painted your nails feel so great?

Monday, September 1, 2008


hey ladiez!
i'm sitting watching the premiere of gossip girls, and also discussing the show with my friend taryn via aim. i never really watched it before, and i only did tonight so i could pick out the scenes that they shot in my neck of the woods. but now i think i may be obsessed and want to watch it all the time.

i move back to purch tomorrow. well sort of. in my drugged up state the other day i made an appt for wednesday morning. so tomorrow i move in, just to drive right back home. i'm kinda nervous and stressed about this year, i still haven't figured out what my senior project is going to be, i need to get on that asap.

i'm gonna really miss this summer. i know i didn't get to see you ladies much and i'm sorry for it. but i spent this summer getting back in touch with long island. i've spent the past few years hating this place for various reasons, but this summer i started to love it again. i embraced my last summer as a child and went crazy.

i'm going to try and be around more from now on, hopefully my senior project and a job will allow that to happen. i need to start my job hunt like immediately. i've got like 400 bucks to my name, and that sure won't last long once i start buying groceries and whatnot.

okkkk time to go to hayleys house....i'll finish this later!
love you all!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

on top of a mountain, under a rainbow.

i kind of don't miss NY anymore. at all.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I thought i needed a boyfriend i don't need a boyfriend she's different than I am i should probably date older people when will i have time to go to the bank how am i going to pay my rent i feel really badly about how this apartment all worked out wheres alysse i need a movie and her bed it would be weird to sleep with josh haha speaking of josh, thats why josh jenks hasn't gotten back to me about squat he changed his number but he managed to find me while in search of a new apartment everyone wants to know the company we went through smoking sucks i fucking really hate smoking i wish i wanted to bone the comedian because he actually likes me and isn't awful.
i bought a clockwork orange today funny thing all of the language in that book is so foreign i can't figure out if it's period-piece colloquialisms or another language though i'm going to go with another language thankfully it's a used book so the first reader put the meanings next to most of them the font is tiny so its very blurry when i read it i haven't finished any of the books i started reading this summer well i finished two out of five but that is not that great.
i took a ferry ride to staten island today with anne yao we took so many pictures and i will get around to putting them on a website at some point then we visited our friend mandy who just broke her foot and is really depressed i had an idea to buy her wine which was originally forties but i thought i would keep it classy but anyhoot we bought her wine and honey buns and she was all i quit drinking and i'm trying to eat healthy i felt a little crushed.
i think i'm slightly depressed but it might be that week where i'm depressed so ndb oh jess is home.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

denva feva.

thank you, RE:UP magazine, for making the most vanilla city in america look so deliciously gangsta.

Monday, August 25, 2008

so hiiighhhh

today was th big day. i lost my wisdom teeth. adn now im really high adn happy.can'twat for the vics to be picked up at the store. it will be glorious. i got some free oxycodones too, from one of the guys who always sat at the bar at steamboat. wahhoooo! its really dificult to write this but im trying. later this afternoon chris and mike are coming over and we have a movie/drug date. i look so forward to it. i love movies and jello and mac'n cheese and milkshakes.
oh shit mama is supposed to get me a milkshake. yummmmmmmmmm.
ok well myh igh ass self is going to rent a movie and veg out till the boys come over.
Lovey ou ladiezzzzz.
miss you.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

outta sight.

i have the feeling that this blog is rapidly becoming more of a digital time capsule as days go by, a dried out monument to a little shard of time, but i am going to post anyway half for the hell of it and half out of hoping that one of these days y'all will take a quick break out of your busy busy lives and remember your good ol' friend britt who still loves ya mucho mucho.

i am going to be visiting for a few days next month. sept. 18-22. it would definitely be great to see you ladies, even if it's for a quick hi and a hug. i know you all are living your lives and being grown up and are busy as hell, and i know how that goes, so i'm not going to drop at your feet and beg. if you guys can squeeze me in for a beer or two, that would be sweet.

ali came and left last week. it was a fast visit, but a fun one. i look forward to seeing you in a few weeks, miss jean. i'm sorry i wasn't my usual self out here. pretty stressed with work and having the house full of strangers. i wish we could have had more time to disappear for a while. i promise i will be nothing but sunshine and rainbows when i come back home. it's exactly what i need to get the not-so-fun crazies out of me and get the fun ones back in.

dan left yesterday. he is on his way back to rhode island and is probably chugging along across missouri right about now. i was so bummed that i couldn't make the journey back with him. i was so looking forward to stopping in bolivar and hanging out at the Chef with biz, running through the empty house just like i did when my family moved in there fifteen years ago and reading all the now-exposed scribblings i left on the walls in my room. it would have been nice to go back to rhode island and go to the park that overlooks providence and smoke a couple cigs. buy tea and people watch on thayer street. most of all, i was really looking forward to finally arriving at purchase, exhausted, and reuniting with all of my favourite people in the world. i can't wait for january when i get to tick off all those little things and clear the back of my cluttered mind.

anyway, life out here is good. i'm having a lot of fun seeing and doing new things and meeting new people. i'm alone for the first time in a very long time, and it's proving to be very good for me. i've been writing a lot lately and have finally started writing the three children's books i have been battling with the past few years. i have been putting a lot of my energy into getting in good shape and taking better care of myself. it's helped me get a job modeling for a new clothing company out here. my first runway show is the 13th and i've been working really hard to really rock the cute, funky little betsey johnson cocktail dresses i get to wear for it. i'm spending time writing music with my brother again and i've been coaching my dad's new client, joanna yaeger, while she is out here recording her first country music demo. at first i was kind of pissed that my house was crammed with people, but now i am really enjoying having joanna around. she has a really beautiful, powerful voice for being such a young little lady and they have brought out some of the best players in nashville to play on her project, which is being produced by a couple of grammy-winning producers. this is her first time doing anything like this and, understandably, she is a bit overwhelmed and it's been pretty cool being able to take her under my wing and show her the ropes of studio recording.

i have really enjoyed filling my plate to its full capacity lately, especially with all my favourite flavours.

it's much easier crossing the days off the calendar when they fly by so fast.

anyway, i hope you all are doing well. i would call more often, but i never know when is good for all of you and i don't want to be a bother. if any of you do read this and feel inclined to drop a line, please do. i miss and love you all very much.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008



tiddy bears

tiddy bears. this is what dan and britt are watching, they are right behind me and have no idea im writing this. britt says she wants one.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008


yay tuesday hangover. i feel like a dbag this morning. i got home from work yesterday and dan and ali jean and i decided to go straight for the cocktails. after downing a little too much liquid courage, i shared my thoughts and plans regarding new york with my mom. SO not a good idea, at all, and probably the worst idea ever drunk. the conversation quickly morphed from me bringing the topic up nonchalantly (i'm a retard) to me "standing up for my f*ing right to dream big" and bellyaching about how i'd rather "live out of boxes and guitar cases than submit to a 9-5 lifestyle." where my constant desire to be a gypsy whenever i'm drunk comes from is beyond me. it didn't hit me until a little later when we were all smoking on the roof that sometimes it's better to just keep your mouth shut and disappear all of a sudden. in my drunken state, i was upset with myself for "exposing my battle plan" and my family's current fervent love of drama. i felt bad for exposing jean and dan to the all-consuming whirlwind that is garrison family arguing and the non-stop drunken utopian pipedream saga monologue i keep in my back pocket and pull out only after imbibing a certain amount of vodka/wine. luckily there wasn't any street meat around for me to throw at anyone.

so, today, i have to work 9-6. balls. but as soon as i get out it will be nonstop adventures in the land of sunshine and rainbows with a couple loves of my life.

gotsta put my bankface on.

lovins all over all of you.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

denver or bust.

hey ladiez!
i am currently sitting in la guardia airport waiting to board my flight to 'rado! so excited for this adventure. i just spent 5 bucks on an hours worth of internet access. so i could blog and play on facebook. haha.

bah eff airport food. i just ate some like spinach cheese croissant and now my insides feel as though they may get violent. i'm gonna go hit up the facilities.

later loves!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

do it like we used to.

today was pure awesome. first guyetti and i went on a bike adventure (post-sparks chugging). We went to a bike shop first and replaced my tube, then we rode to williamsburgh for an electronic-hip hop block party, had some more sparks and danced our asses off. we rode back home, drank some beers then went ass backwards into the city for the honorary title show. the lead singer is gorge but i was all about the drummer :) i'm always rooting for the underdog.

jess met the comedian yesterday. she said "he's cute and funny!! why aren't you dating him??" to which i replied "and he's a good lay. i don't know what's wrong with me!" I really can't seem to settle for anything because it always feels like I'm settling for less. I think I'm only happy when i'm fantasizing about a guy on a stage looking just past me.

hmmm that is what happened when i went to see him do stand-up.

we'll see. we'll see.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

brat's in tha bagggggg.

alright, so, even though purchase financially outlawed me, i was able to finagle Sept 18-22 off from work and just bought my plane tickets. eff yes.

jean gets here on sunday. eff yes.

okay dan is making me get off with his grandpa "i'm the boss and you're gonna eat what i cooked ya" voice. you know what i'm talking about. he misses y'all too. he just told me. sternly.


** by get off, i mean off the computer. clarification. ahem.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Altoid Life.

Take it out of your pocket, carry it with you, and share with the people whose company you enjoy.

I'm so confused about everything right now-- but I'm the happiest and the most grounded I've been in a long time. I feel like I haven't really questioned things in awhile, which is kind of scary because I know I was just kind of dormant and not the usual overly-active guyetti (whether that be mentally or physically. But I do prefer to be both now.)

I work a lot, and I really enjoy it. This place is disciplining the shit out of me- and if anyone could have used a huge dose of that I think it was me. How many months did I spend on threesevs couch doing fucking nothing except making quesadillas, drinking beer, watching fuseTV and working at Career Development? I'm glad I'm busy, happy, and looking forward to this life I now live for the first time since before I went to Purchase. As much as I loved meeting you little ladies, I feel like Purchase ruined a small part of me that I don't know if I'll ever get back.

I do feel myself falling back into that person I used to be, who was responsible and authority-fearing (respecting) and a solitary mind wanderer. I missed her. I like being self-sufficient, I really enjoy knowing I can do this by myself at the end of the day (not counting friends.)

I seriously love you girls, I'm so glad we all met and came together- we bring out such wonderful things in each other and bring so many different qualities and walks of life to the table that we can share.

Like altoids.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Thursday, August 7, 2008

hey loves...

yelloo my loves. thought i'd update. i'm sitting in my room listening to a thunderstorm and hoping that it stops soon. cause i'm supposed to be going to a park to watch chris' band play, and well if its thundering and raining that won't be happening. hopefully i don't get too out of hand tonight. don't want a repeat of last week where i woke up to my alarm at 5:30 and found my self in chris' guest room. hahahah.

i've only got 4 more work days left at steamboat and i am beyond excited. i work a double tomorrow and i think its supposed to rain. that'll be kind of nice, cause then i won't be stressed out. i'm so over that place right now.

britty, i can't wait to see you!! denver in 10 daysss!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

yayyy it stopped raining!!

ok well i need to go get dressed and collect connor and do a booze run. i will talk you ladez soon.

Love you all!

P.S. Jones come to the island and hit the beach with me. You need to go to a beach atleast once this summer.

Monday, August 4, 2008

happy happy joy joy.

i submitted my fafsa today and will hopefully know by the end of the week whether or not i will qualify for a much needed stafford loan to support my even much more needed return to the purch. as i was filing my fafsa, ali was simultaneously buying a plane ticket out here. there will be much love in this house from the 17th-21st.

it was a crazy day at the bank today and it was great to come home and find mr. marshall hanging out in the kitchen.

i miss you all like crazy. joneses, i'm glad you are finding that inner peace and happiness.

it looks like life is beautiful and harmonious across the board.

i want you to live here too.

i had a great day today- I worked this morning. it was super slow and boring but when i finally got off, I bought expensive sushi and cake and surprised my mom. That was super awesome because I haven't seen her in forever. I also was able to go home and get a bunch of stuff that I really wanted to bring back to the apt. this included but is not limited to my Justin Timberlake-Nsync marionette, bobble head Magenta (from the Rocky Horror Picture Show), Michael Jackson Thriller doll, along with the cover of the Thriller LP and the Rock With You LP... so a lot of dolls and some clothing.

Other than that all of my bills where late this month, my landlords are dicks annnnnnnd... I'm happy.

This very moment. Right now.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


i want to live at threesevs pt. deux.

jean, purch ain't looking so good. fafsa had to be filed by may 1st (mine wasn't) and my stafford loan lender is no longer participating. i'm sweating bullets.

HOWEVS i'm trying to figure out a way to move back to nyc.

do you ladez know of anyone who needs a roommate?

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Yesterday at work i got two containers of salad dressing spilled all over me and then slipped and fell on my face in the middle of the restaurant. I was a complete mess and ready to cry. I walked in my boss's office and he laughed at me. I was so glad when someone ordered a frozen marg cause then i made way too much and poured it into my cup and finished it off. one of my regulars was nice enough to go to his car and get me a shirt to wear, he then proceeded to force jagerbombs and flaming dr. peppers on me. i wish my boss wasn't there at that moment, cause i would have totally downed those babies. haha.

last night i went pier jumping last night and now my feet are all cut up and bleeding. damn having to run barefoot on gravel and climbing on docks. i'm like limping around now. booooooo. but it was totally worth the pain. it was like 15 of us jumping off a shack on the dock so it was higher than usual.
well i'm off to cvs to go pick up bandaids and antiseptic so that i don't get diseases.

love you all.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I've gotten to the point where I am actually listening to Incubus again. Ugh.
I went into work today and during pre-shift my manage looks at me and said "are you working today *looks at paper work* Your name is highlighted.. let me find out whats going on... have you gone over your test yet? Oh... that's what wrong...."

I failed my server test.

I'm not too bummed about it, as I knew that I wouldn't be able to remember all that stuff in one shot, the first time around. But it still feels pretty shetty. Everyone fails, but I failed by so much I have to retake it. I'm trying really hard not to give up on myself. I love food, I can remember I can remember I can remember.

I'm in a sticky boy situation (who's surprised?). I saw old pictures of one of them today- quite a babe 15 lbs ago. Quite a dad now, but thats just my type :) I suppose I'm going to hit the hay. I've been hanging out with Jess again lately. i missed her, even though we share a room. It's nice to finally feel adjusted to her not living the single life with me (heaven knows i could use a partner in crime though to wreak on hearts all over brooklyn).

I have to plan a Brooklyn brewery trip soon.


Monday, July 28, 2008

i'm growin' up.

hey ladez.

so i was just recently informed by phil that he is coming home from cali tomorrow. i didn't feel any excitement when he told me. i'm kinda really happy, i guess this really means that there is nothing tying me to him anymore. i wouldn't care either way if i saw him or not. he's no longer my best friend, he just some guy i used to date. i guess not talking for 8 months was one of the best things to happen for me.

well i'll update you all on how this encounter goes.

love love love.

Friday, July 25, 2008


i think i'm having an epiphany, and that epiphany is making me feel like life is the most mundane, boring shit. endless cycles. wheels go round. nothing really interests me anymore and it sucks. i don't know if it's the slow pace out here or if it's the 9-5 daily grind, but there's a major part of me getting eaten away. it really blows.

i'm really nervous about this whole purchase situation. jean, i tried faxing my paperwork from the bank the other day but i was a retard and forgot to press '9' before dialing the fax number. so, it kept saying the connection was busy and i eventually gave up. i will do it the right way on monday. i hope they get everything in time. i'm also really jittery about leaving colorado. i miss new york, i miss the loves of my life, but i'm just so afraid of making the wrong decision yet again. you all know how impulse and stupidity are totally my style... i'm trying to change it up a bit. i need to get myself out of this existential funk, out of this deep emo wormhole and get back to loving life before i lose my silly self completely.

i wonder all the time what it would be like if i had stayed back there this summer. i don't feel like i've taken steps backward, yet i definitely don't feel like i've taken any steps ahead. i just feel kind of frozen in time. i'm biding my time and losing my mind in the penalty box, pseudo-voluntarily, watching everyone else score. i wonder if this mindset is unconditional, if i'd still be in this slunk even if i were dancing on the counters at threesevs pt. 2. i highly doubt it. a rapidly growing part of me thinks i'm just crazy, but the remaining sane part thinks that it's just side effects of having a completely new lifestyle and going at it alone.

i am hoping that i will make the exact right decision soon, and my life will become a permagrin parade.

guyetti, happy birthday. i wish i could be there to drunkenly throw street meat at you, but only in the most loving way. i hope everything is perfect, i hope you get lots of hugs and high fives and i hope you will feel my undying love for you and the power of the jambon surrounding you in spirit. i miss you wifey.

i am going to try to call every single one of you tomorrow. i'm starting to feel that love, laughter and your sweet voices in my ears will be the mood medico bestico.

gabs on the morrow, dears.

miss miss miss love love love.



where are my ladies going to be after september?!!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

move in with me...all of you.

i just read that whole last entry with a sad face.

woahh. how come mom is moving back home? and what will you guys do after you break the lease in september? will there be a threesevs pt.3 or is that a wrap on threesevs?

we all embarked on brand new adventures this summer. jones and guyetti, you guys faced the real world. britt, you moved to a plave where you knew no one except your family. mine was a new adventure in the friends department. i stopped hanging out with all of my high school best friends and now hang out with my sea cliff children. i only met them in like february, but i feel like i've known some of them forever. if it wasn't for them my summer would of been pretty dull. i wish you all could just come live with me for the next month. if any of you are ever in need of a getaway/adventure, there is always an open couch/blow up bed at my house. my house is your house.

i'm quitting my job in like 2 or 3 weeks. august 25th i think you all should come to long island that afternoon. i will be high as a kite on pain killers because i get my wisdom teeth cut out of my jaw that day. we can have a matress party. make it happen, i miss those.

britty, my plan is to fly out to you either august 17th or 18th and stay for awhile. i don't have to be back in new york until the 23rd. so, start thinking of fun adventures for us to go on!

last night i was at the st. rocco's feast. its this weekend long italian fair in my town. i won a fish!! i let brett name him for me, Dr. Reginald Cheesecake III. he's sitting in a bowl right next me right now and he's kind of freaking out. oh carnival fish, they are crazy. he keeps opening his mouth, and it makes it look like he's angry and yelling. he probably is angry and yelling in fish language, i'm not the best fish caretaker. i kind of forgot you have to feed fish, i brought him to work and my mom asked where his food was. i then realized i don't own fish food. haha.

love love love you all.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

update on 3sevs pt. 2 brooklyn

I have to keep this brief, as I am tired and cranky.

Mom is moving back to Rochester.
Our room flooded again tonight.So when Jess gets home tonight we have to talk about breaking the lease and moving out by September.
Josh Underwood was supposed to move in.
I'm enjoying my time at Ruby Foo's and there aren't any boys there for me to love (it's great).

Okay stress stress stress. love love love.

Brittany, call me anytime. Also listen to Nada Surf's "Your legs grow" if ever you need to think of me. Here are the lyrics if you need to know why:

If you were here
Baby we'd increase the dose
There was no fear in my room
When we got close
Call me anytime
You've got a ghost
And you're the only person in the world
I feel that way about
And if you move off to the side
I'll get swept back out
Where it's cold but not that deep
Coz your legs grow
There's a light that rises up
From the bottom of the lake
And its beam has hit me hard
Now I'm wide awake
Where it's cold but not that deep
Coz your legs grow

I feel like your summer is the winner, Jean. I hope you're enjoying every breathing moment of it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

the 90's are back in full force.

i was at the mall yesterday and i headed in to nordstrom to do some browsing, and i couldn't help but laugh as soon as i walked in. blasting over the soundsystem was Quad City DJs - Come on ride the train. i guess nordstrom got the memo that the 90's are hip with the youngsters again.

-Ali Jean

Sunday, July 20, 2008

get hi.


i really really really miss new york. ugh. we all don't talk enough. i feel like i'm a million miles away. on a space odyssey with no pre-paid space phone. i feel a bit ghostly. pretty disconnected.

i'm the queen of stupid fucking decisions.

i really wish i could come home for guyetti's birthday, but i don't have enough fundage right now. i have an amazing job that pays great but i get paid bi-weekly and i won't even have my first paycheck until after the celebration. i feel like everything is off schedule. i WOULD be able to afford it, but the damn money doesn't come until, seriously, two days after i'd get back from NY. it's like every single element of my life out here works against every single element of my life back there. so gay. time just never wants to make a compromise. it's a selfish dickstore. always gettin its way.

there was a crazy storm on friday that made double rainbows burst from the sky. seriously. there was a rainbow piggy backing another rainbow, and you could see the whole arch. that means there were four ends of the rainbow. one of them landed not far beyond my back door. i waited and waited for you all to show up at my end of that rainbow, but your gay asses never showed. i'm so stealing your lucky charms. i got pictures of it. my lazy bum will post a couple of them later.

anyway, i wish i'd hear from y'all more. i never know when to call you gals. i know you all are super busy with jobs and fun summer stuff and fluffy togetherness, so i tend to hold off on calling and instead complain about my colourless life on here. cross-continental crybabying.

drop me a line? v-conference?

miss miss miss. love love love.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

pier jumping

pier jumping. we're all going. jones i'll get you drunk and then you won't be afraid of the water. i went last night, and it was so much fun. the water around here has phosphorus in it, so when you swim at night it glows as you move.

we snuck around the yacht club and ran across the pier and jumped off. then we ran down the street to hide from the security that was at the beach next to where we were. so much fun. i can't wait till tonight, cause i think its going to happen again.

-Ali Jean

Friday, July 18, 2008

holy batman everybody!

amazing. that is all.

-Ali Jean

Thursday, July 17, 2008


i played with the colors. i thought we needed some change. or maybe it's just my boredom at work. also will someone else also play with the colors? this is fun. it's under customize.

i did not even copy and paste.

i need my girls. i need my girls. i need my girls. i need my girls. i need my girls. i need my girls. i need my girls. i need my girls. i need my girls. i need my girls. i need my girls. i need my girls. i need my girls. i need my girls.

i feel all sorts of obsessive and weird lately. new york city is trapping.

Monday, July 14, 2008

tis a sad sad day....,0,3523746.story

Sunday, July 13, 2008

eff jobs. who needs em. i know i don't.

hey ladez!
miss guyetti just left my house. we spent a wonderful day together at sea cliff beach, we worked really hard on our tan lines. loveee the weekendsss.

yesterday was day 2 of my new job....and well....i hated every minute of it. i told my boss i could only do 2 days a week and he goes and puts me on for 3. then i notice that he out me on saturday dinner...which is not possible because that is the day of lobster fest at the millz house. i proceeded to tell him that that was not possible for me to work. he then began to get a 'tude with me and said that he assumed that i would be working and already gave someone else off. mind you...i still hadn't finished training. he then said that he could maybe...maybe let me out early. but that would be like 11 pm and my family would probably already be gone. so i called him today and told him i wasn't ever coming back. wooooo back to having 2 jobs!!!

well, i'm gonna hit the hay. i got work with momwater tomorrow bright and early. she said she'd take me out to lunch and that its supposed to rain so i told her i would come in for awhile. hah.

nighty night my loves!
Ali Jean

Thursday, July 10, 2008

jfk to den

I would just like to let you know that you entry made my pre-menstrually-disoriented self not only cry at work, but then immediately type "new york to denver" in the web address part of the tool bar.

since that is not a website I had to visit instead to learn that a flight on august 31st to sept 7th cost a total of $379. I'm going to start saving as soon as I work at the foo's.



this is for miss jones...

thought you might like to see your boy bunce rockin out in his music video. ha.

oh john mayer...

so last night me, chris, bunce, matt g, and our friend greg decided that we were going to go to jones beach to sit outside the john mayer show and listen from the beach. well first the main lot was full so we had to park a field over. we carried our chairs over and found some premiere seating under a tree. chris and greg walked back to the cars with the bags are chairs came in. they proceeded to fill them with our beers and got 5 feet from the car when they were stopped by cops. the cops then proceeded to dump out all our beer...because we were dumb and sent chris and greg (neither are 21). haha. so bunce, matt, and i get a call and walk back to the cars. just as we get there it starts to rain like crazy. what a bummer. we went to john mayer and got 75% of our beer taken away by cops and then it rained. thank god i didn't buy tickets for that show. haha.

i started my new job today at the basil leaf cafe. right now i'm on a break cause i'm only training. i don' t know how i'm going to handle having multiple jobs. we'll see how this goes.

well, i must run.
love and miss you!
Ali Jean

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

man oh man oh man

i miss you gals so much.

sometimes i look out at the mountains and wish they were the rooftops of brooklyn.

sometimes i look at the endless expanses of prairie dog fields and wish they were the sea saturating the shores of long island.

sometimes i look at the moon and wish it were reflecting off a half open window in threesevs, illuminating the activity next door.

sometimes i wish i had the moustache of understanding, and i would undoubtedly move mountains.

Monday, July 7, 2008

3sevs gets a job.

See how that's singular? "A Job." as in, Jess and Alysse work at Ruby Foo's and I'm going to hand in my application tomorrow. We may have entered the real working world but that doesn't mean we're going to be separated. No-sir-ee Bob.

Haha I originally typed Boob.
Jean, Alysse and I were looking through all of our facebook pics yesterday. It must be that time of the month where we all get nostalgic.

Wish me luck.


did you know you could do this at home now??



i just sat and went through my photo album from this year via the myspace and it made me really miss you all and purch. i miss being the 5th roomate and seeing you all everyday. i can't wait till we are all reunited again.

love you all.
Ali Jean

Saturday, July 5, 2008

look at what we did at 4 a.m. this morning!

A certain little lady proposed a vchat date with me and I couldn't figure out an appropriate time to meet, but apparently somewhere in the 4 o'clock hour was perfect!

Look at who it is! :) so many Yays.

Tour of the new house.

Cheers. Malt liquor in the middle of the night!

oh no! our interwebs is fading!

the final glimpses before we return to text messages and archaic love.

we need to get a mega group chat going. that turned out to be fun, and you ladies know how much I hate vlogging.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


I've been listening to The Blow and Devendra Banhart a lot lately. Both of make me feel very bittersweet about the end of the last semester. I spent a very long time thinking about what I would say to Devendra B. if I were to ever encounter him, today. Such a babe. I think he might be the most stunning fellow out there (my, my how my tastes varies from the super prep to filthy filthy hippie... but deep down I don't love the prep at all). Man, these hormones are being vicious these days.
Sorry, I'm rambling.
I forgot that working in NYC means that a huge portion of your paycheck is going to be removed to pay the homeless or whatever it is they do with my tax money these days. So when my paycheck started at 889 to left 662... Just enough for rent. I need another job. Maybe I'll join the Foo.
On a much happier note I've decided that the only thing the internet is useful for is looking up pictures of and youtubing ostriches, giraffes, and sea otters. One day when I have the money, I'm going to get the sweetest wildlife tattoo. But for now. Enjoy these:

Monday, June 30, 2008


so i just got home from montauk, it was wonderful. i are lots of seafood, drank a ton, and surfed it up. on saturday night me and my mom went to our fave restaurant, its this little cuban place in the marina. they have the best mojitos i've ever had in my life. between me and my mom we drank about a whole bottle of bacardi. we felt wonderful after, and of course went shopping and spent some cash money on some nifty things. but when we pulled up to the restaurant there was a crowd of people across the marina at one of the docks, and we soon realized that it was the annual shark tournament. the lucky ducks that we are had pulled up at the right moment. they were weighing in one of the boats sharks and it was the biggest of the tournament. a 465 pound thresher shark. it was hugeee. and because they won they got $280,000 for it. insaneeeeee.
if you look close you can see the sharks tail. this is when they were weighing it.

i took my second surfing lesson this weekend at ditch plains which is one of the top 6 surfing places in the world, according to my instructor. it wasn't the greatest lesson, cause he did more talking then we got surf time. but it was still a great experience.

all in all montauk was a ton of fun this year. i was bummed to leave, but i have full intentions of going back there numerous times before the summer ends. hopefully you guys can come on one of the trips. granted it would mean sleeping in my car or on the beach, but its still funnn.

ok. well i'm hungry, so i'm going to go take care of that. 
love and miss you all. 
hopefully see all of you very very soon.
-Ali Jean

Thursday, June 26, 2008


that's what you are, jean. champion and love of my damn life.

there was just a backyard photobooth photo shoot.

i got baby bun to model for me:

and captain dan:

and our uberclassy tiger furnishings:

okay. enough blogging for todays.

some kissies:



dogs get hangovers too.

um so brody is extremely hungover today. last night i had a bunch of people over cause momwater left for montauk. i ended up getting trashed and agreeing to let chris have my favorite sunglasses. and also i don't remember jess being at my house at all. apparently she tried to wake me up from my slumber on the couch but failed. i woke up at about 4am to find sal sleeping on the couch next to me and everyone else gone. the lovely michael dylan decided to just leave and not wake sal up and mike was his ride. hah. what a good friend. 
doesn't get any classier. clutching a bottle of rum, chris' hat and sportin' a pack of nerds on my chest.

tomorrow evening i head out to montauk, and i'll be there till monday. i'm so stoked. saturday morning i'll be up at 7am so i can go surfing. oh how i love it there. its one of my favorite places. alcohol + the ocean = my life. i wish you all could come you guys would love it. 

well i must run. chris is coming to collecting me so we can drink it up. 
love and miss you all. <3 



my video chat magically works again.  i propose a conference call, ladez.  

there was an amazing thunderstorm last night and it has kind of left the sky looking half dreary, half glorious today.  it can't decide to rain or shine.  i'm sitting around the house in my skivvies, watching travel channel and drinking coffee, looking at airline tix.  dan already bought his and it looks like he will be joining you all for the first full day of independence.  i will know soon if i am able to go, too.  i freakin hope so.  if i can't, i'm gonna set the mountains on fire.  

did i tell you guys we have bunnies that live under the house?  there are three grown ups and a baby.  we throw baby carrots and apples at them and they love it.  we recently found another backyard pet... sneaky the snake.  he likes to slither through the bushes and sleep on the ledge of the basement window, where he can see all of the little salamanders that hang out down there.  

my brother is moving out here!  i think he will be flying out next week.  i so can't wait to have him here.  after telling him that we are surrounded by skateparks and that trees are super cheap out here, he couldn't resist.  in buffalo, he was living in an attic that didn't have windows.  they lived next to a big fat lady named "sugar mama" and she would let her kids run in the street and set traps for cars.  they'd line up piles of broken glass and throw bottles at cars when they drove by.  scotty and jon were pretty sure it was a crack house.  or a kiddie bordello.  who knows.  buffalo, buffalo.

i got my hair chopped off again yesterday.  there's a toni&guy nearby and the kid who cut my hair is the son of the founder.  he was soooo good at washing hair.  he had big hands and massaged my scalp and shoulders for like twenty minutes.  he also used only scissors to craft my cut, which was awesome.  i've always had people bust out buzzers.  remember that one time i had that super butch lesbo bowl cut?  i'm so glad i don't have to worry about having another awkward haircut as long as i'm here.

i need to mow down on a breakfast bowl and take some laundry to the mat.  before i go, i'd like to thank kimya dawson's blog for shining light on probably the most unintentionally disturbing site i've ever seen...  check it:

mandatory vlognam party asap, loves.



i wish it didn't have to be so bad

I'm listening to Blink182, so please excuse that title. Things are far from bad. It's just about 330 in the morning, so I'm not going to say much- but I think I might like this fellow.
And for the moment, I'm all smiles. 

but really... is his trip to canada necessary right this moment?!
arf. goodnight

-jonesicals bonesicals.

Monday, June 23, 2008

another blog via work

hey there ladies. i'm sitting at work and everyone is leaving for lunch but i came 3 hours late so i'm sitting here pretending to work so i get paid for this hour. hah. i stopped at the bank before work so that i could deposit a pile of money that has been building on my desk for like 2 weeks. since i counted teh money i realized i'm very close to affording a ticket to denver. who's comin with me?! i'm thinking end of july, so that i can just quit my job and not have to worry about trying to find coverage.

hmm. so like jess said this weekend was a weekend of mansion parties. and not the glen cove mansh..brett's and also mary kate's houses. i wish all of you could of come to them. there were kegs and games of 25 cup beer pong. which resulted in a lot of severely wasted people. especially this one kid who by like 10 was face down in brett's lawn, he even stayed there facedown when a thunderstorm blew threw. what a winner.

oh so creepy story bout brett' and sal fell asleep on one of the couches in his ballroom and at 4am we were woken up by this kid sitting over us just staring at us. he then proceeds to ask if we were "together"...and sal told him "no" and he's like "oh, someone wanted to know" and then walked away. what a creep. apparently this kid also asked chris is he could like "hit it" with my sister, while she was standing right there. but jess in her inebriated state started to yell at him. hah.

yesterday jess came to my house at like 9am, i was still fast asleep. cause my phone was tossed on the floor, so i missed all her calls. we then went and had a lovely diner brunch. after that we went back to my house and watched backdraft all afternoon. oh how i love that movie.

last night i worked my first dinner shift at steamboat. i fucked up a few times, but only minor things. the weather was strange so no one comes to eat dinner at a marina, so it was pretty slow. in 5 hours i had 5 tables. thank god for jacked up prices at dinner, 20 minimum for an entree. i managed to walk out with 60 bucks. there was this one family that i had with this son who was probably like 10. he was so specific, and i felt like he had a palate of an adult. first he orders a cran and club, then an order of steamers, and then proceeds to order a $60 lobster. gotta love long island and its rich people. cause his parents were totally cool with the fact that he probably ordered about $75 worth of food for himself.

Well i'm gonna end this here. I'll be seein Guyetti and Jones tonight at the gahden. I wish you could come to the reunion Garri. Miss youuuuuu! <3
mmm. i smell people's lunches right now. i really want a meatball.
<3 Ali Jean

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hit me on ma beepa, beepa, beepa...

Yo sons so I got a job where Alysse works waiting tables in Times Square (well west 49th and broadway) where someday soon I'll be making bank but probably not until mid-july after I work my way up to 5, maybe 6 tables. I finished training this week and take my exam on monday- but have yet to really study all the shit on the menu and the ingredients because I'm always so distracted with other things I want to do! Like 2 mansion parties in a row this weekend (not the Glen Cove Mansion.. real mansions!) and sleeping in all day with Michael or Ali, depending on who I'm hung over with. :D.

I got the 4th 5th and 6th of July off so you can bet your sweet bippie I'll dress to impress as a bodiqua at SaL's baller bash. Holliepop made an appearance at the Mansion party on Friday and made me non stop laugh all night, someone spilled beer on my skirt and she made me a garbage bag skirt called - Kirkland Signature Skirt. The brand of garbage bags was Kirkland Signature. I wore it all night it was a hit. Kinda like Hollipop.

Jones I loved ya black cat story! I miss you wish I got to see you more, I miss last summer when neither of us ever really worked haha and we just hung out in the New or went wandering in the city with to-go drinks. Them was the days.

I'm starvin'''''''''' I'm at Ali's whom I had to wake up to get dropped off here because Mike had to go to work. I'm so glad it always works out so perfectly when I come that if Ali's working, he's not, vice versa. *sigh*. it's a beautiful life

(oh, ohhh)

Okay Love ya'lls. Miss ya'lls. balls.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

bleep, bleep

happy saturday, errbody.  

i got a job at a restaurant a week or so ago.  i've been serving there.  it's an upscale place called jimmy's steakhouse and the first few days i was there, i loved it.  then they had a reservations-only wine dinner the other night.  after having two tables stolen out from under me by the guy who trained me and having some guy with really, really bad plastic surgery make me run endlessly to the kitchen to make special orders for his mountain lions at home, i decided that helping rich people's asses get fatter is the LAST thing i want to do.  

so, yesterday i interviewed for a bank job.  it went really well.  i applied for a full time position and if i get it, i will get full benefits.  scha-wing.  i will know by friday if i can quit jimmy's.  

after my interview at the bank dan took me to a pet shop to play with puppies.  i miss my OJer pup so bad and i miss giving tummy rubs and having a little buddy to share my leftovers.  almost as soon as we got to the pet shop, i fell in love with a little scottie dog.  he was the happiest, cutest little guy and it really sucked leaving him there.  i want to go back and get him so bad.  i read about an adoption day that a pet rescue is having today and i am still considering going just to go play with all the neglected puppies that need homes.  it'll be hard to not come home with one, though.  the rescue is only charging between forty and eighty bucks depending on the dog and the fee includes all of the shots, spaying or neutering, food, toys and a session with a trainer to help the dog get adjusted to its new home.  it sounds almost too good to be true and i don't want to go and get attached.  i haven't decided if i want to go yet.  decisions, decisions.

i have some projects to do in the studio today.  i am doing some reference vocals on a couple songs my dad wrote for that country singer he's been working with.  the songs are so pretty and they're a lot of fun to sing.  i'm looking forward to getting in the studio again, even if it's just to sing someone else's songs.  it'll be fun to just sing.

some friends are having a big backyard barbecue tonight and i look forward to murdering some pulled pork with my mouth.  maybe throw back a few beers.  

if all goes to plan, i will spend my day playing with many puppies, singing in the studio for hours and downing steer and beer.  the only thing keeping it from being a perfect day is you ladies not being here.  soon?  please?

i have to head on up to the studio, but i will post later with more tales of colorado mischief.  

miss miss miss love love love,


Thursday, June 19, 2008

a hangover post

its 11:14 am and i've been at work at my mom's office for 3 hours and 14 mins. and let me tell you, it feels like i've been here for like a month. i'm sitting here blogging to my you guys, filling out a scholarship application and chatting with mclaren via the facebook chat, i'm avoiding real work so hard today. i'm such a cranky pants, the fact that i'm nursing a hangover and running on minimal sleep doesn't help.

you see last night drew had a party at his house cause his parents are away and it was going to be bryan' s birthday at midnight. so of course i attended this event, and of course i got involved with drinking a 12 pack and also playing beer pong. by the end of the night sam disappeared and i was left waiting for her cause she was my ride. so me and mike sat on the couch listening to the sounds of connor and bryan attempting to play the piano across the room. this resulted in us falling asleep mid conversation and then me waking up at 2 am to my phone ringing and it being my sister outside waiting for me. i was not a happy camper.

fyi...i told mclaren i'm going to come and visit him on monday night, so jones and guyetti i hope your free, cause he said beer garden. so, i expect to see you guys there.

britt, i hope that work allows you to take off so that you can grace us with your presence on the first full day of independence in the year 2008.

i wish we could all be reunited like right now, i miss my ladiez. i want a mattress i need a mattress party. <3

love love love you all.
<3 Ali Jean

p.s. i love that i just paid my damage charges for my apt and it was like 2 bucks and it said that i broke a window and a picnic table. hahah.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

There are a million reasons why I love black cats. This is one of them.

So, the other night I was completely freaking out about so many things. Mom, Jess, Michael and I were watching Lars and the Real Girl and as much as I wanted to see that movie, watching someone battle anxiety whilst having an attack of it was making me insane. I bolted for the door around 1:30 a.m. and went for a walk. Upon my return, I wrote some notes about my adventure. This is the story of what happened while I was gone. 

How I Met (the Ever-So Statuesque) Mr. Tippy Toe

"I speed-walked until my lungs adjusted to take breaths at a normal pace again. As my legs slowed and my lungs stretched, I entered the Pratt campus. I veered right, towards a bench and just as I did I noticed, what I mistook for a statue of, a black cat. He prompted my motion to come to a halt, as I stopped to stare at him. I stopped at the nearest bench to admire him and his aura. 

He began to come closer.

I laughed as i imagined him coming over to greet me, to notice that I was crying. 

He continued towards me, and came even closer. 

As he landed on the second bench to my left, I smirked as the thought of him ending his journey in my lap crossed my mind. 

He began to cross over my lap- but suddenly decided to stay. I let him sleep for almost an hour before I figured that I should wander back home myself. I'm happy that I always go with fate."

It was exactly what I needed. I needed that company like (the desert missed the rain). I keep having these anxiety attacks / fits of pure frustration that keep me up at night and wake me up in the morning (respectively). I really am not into this dog, or his owner, and I miss my girls. I live with two of them and never see them :( Though, last night I managed to get Jess to come hang out and that was nice. Ali Jean, I'm trying to figure out a day that I can come visit. I need your adventures. 

I really, really, really, want a kitten.


Monday, June 16, 2008

yes, please.

just wanted y'all to know that this, this right here, is what my current county does for entertainment.



Complaint Post.

Bah. Driving to work just to get out in the parking lot and spill coffee all over yourself is the worst. I had to drive all the way back home and change. Thankfully I randomly had one of chris' towels in my car, so i didn't have to sit on a soaking wet seat. Ok, I'm done with my complaining.

Loves you!!
<3 Ali Jean

Sunday, June 15, 2008

buddah baby

Hey Sassies
I wish I could post more often, but in between not having internet and working crazy hours, I don't seem to have much time for anything! I'm working at this really pretty restaurant called Buddahkan ( and I superduper love it here. I want to have a ladies dinner when we're all back in NY *cough cough*

Not very much has been going on with me. I still have not visited a beach, so I'm sure you can imagine how terribly pasty I still am. I'm going to spend the next couple of weeks boyfriend shopping and praying for days off.

Ahh i have to get back to work.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

My babies!

I am on Long Island, in Glen Cove, on Rose Avenue, on the second floor, in Ali's bed, in a yellow towel. It is 6:07 PM.  Wonderful!!

I miss my wife, glad you made it safe to the 'rado, wish I was there, wish I could give you huggies and kissies and drinks! Yeahhh I miss makin' them dranks. Listening to Girl Talk in Big Haus, listening to The Sounds in Big Haus, being able to do our makeup at the same time in Big Haus, the soda machines to buy Fanta to mix with vodka in Big Haus, sleeping on top of each other in Big Haus, on bunk beds, ordering rail road pizza in Big Haus, Ve-ing it (Terre). 

Okay BrittyPod that paragraph was for you and how much I miss you.


I am so broke! But such a happy young thing. Ever since I've been unemployed I've spend countless days with the people I love, beached it, jetted off to Florida for a fun-filled 9 days with Miss Erica Turck, my family, and lots of beautiful, beautiful Cocoa Beach, and as much as I can- with Mister Boyfriend Man: Michael Dylan Ferrara himself. What a catch! I'm so happy.'

I got a job waiting tables at Alysse's place of work now, Ruby Foo's in Times Square and I start training Monday. Might not have rent money in time but I'll muddle my way through... always do, no worries!

I've also decided to go back to school in the fall, to Brooklyn College for a B.A. in Communications - Purchase was a wonderful, wonderful 2-year long party, but what a waste of academic time and MONEY SHIIIIIIIT. On the other hand, where the hell would I be if I wound up at Fredonia or Oneonta like the original plan? This blog wouldn't even exist OH MAN. I can't think about what life would be like without you PYTs. I love ya'll so much. Srsly. My life, you are.

I love you. Ali and I are preparing to get Daiquiris and then for a hopping after-wedding party at the Mansh.

KISSES. x000x0x0e9d9d9djfdjfkdafjdksal;fjsaldfjadls;fjasdf