Thursday, July 24, 2008

move in with me...all of you.

i just read that whole last entry with a sad face.

woahh. how come mom is moving back home? and what will you guys do after you break the lease in september? will there be a threesevs pt.3 or is that a wrap on threesevs?

we all embarked on brand new adventures this summer. jones and guyetti, you guys faced the real world. britt, you moved to a plave where you knew no one except your family. mine was a new adventure in the friends department. i stopped hanging out with all of my high school best friends and now hang out with my sea cliff children. i only met them in like february, but i feel like i've known some of them forever. if it wasn't for them my summer would of been pretty dull. i wish you all could just come live with me for the next month. if any of you are ever in need of a getaway/adventure, there is always an open couch/blow up bed at my house. my house is your house.

i'm quitting my job in like 2 or 3 weeks. august 25th i think you all should come to long island that afternoon. i will be high as a kite on pain killers because i get my wisdom teeth cut out of my jaw that day. we can have a matress party. make it happen, i miss those.

britty, my plan is to fly out to you either august 17th or 18th and stay for awhile. i don't have to be back in new york until the 23rd. so, start thinking of fun adventures for us to go on!

last night i was at the st. rocco's feast. its this weekend long italian fair in my town. i won a fish!! i let brett name him for me, Dr. Reginald Cheesecake III. he's sitting in a bowl right next me right now and he's kind of freaking out. oh carnival fish, they are crazy. he keeps opening his mouth, and it makes it look like he's angry and yelling. he probably is angry and yelling in fish language, i'm not the best fish caretaker. i kind of forgot you have to feed fish, i brought him to work and my mom asked where his food was. i then realized i don't own fish food. haha.

love love love you all.