Monday, June 30, 2008


so i just got home from montauk, it was wonderful. i are lots of seafood, drank a ton, and surfed it up. on saturday night me and my mom went to our fave restaurant, its this little cuban place in the marina. they have the best mojitos i've ever had in my life. between me and my mom we drank about a whole bottle of bacardi. we felt wonderful after, and of course went shopping and spent some cash money on some nifty things. but when we pulled up to the restaurant there was a crowd of people across the marina at one of the docks, and we soon realized that it was the annual shark tournament. the lucky ducks that we are had pulled up at the right moment. they were weighing in one of the boats sharks and it was the biggest of the tournament. a 465 pound thresher shark. it was hugeee. and because they won they got $280,000 for it. insaneeeeee.
if you look close you can see the sharks tail. this is when they were weighing it.

i took my second surfing lesson this weekend at ditch plains which is one of the top 6 surfing places in the world, according to my instructor. it wasn't the greatest lesson, cause he did more talking then we got surf time. but it was still a great experience.

all in all montauk was a ton of fun this year. i was bummed to leave, but i have full intentions of going back there numerous times before the summer ends. hopefully you guys can come on one of the trips. granted it would mean sleeping in my car or on the beach, but its still funnn.

ok. well i'm hungry, so i'm going to go take care of that. 
love and miss you all. 
hopefully see all of you very very soon.
-Ali Jean

Thursday, June 26, 2008


that's what you are, jean. champion and love of my damn life.

there was just a backyard photobooth photo shoot.

i got baby bun to model for me:

and captain dan:

and our uberclassy tiger furnishings:

okay. enough blogging for todays.

some kissies:



dogs get hangovers too.

um so brody is extremely hungover today. last night i had a bunch of people over cause momwater left for montauk. i ended up getting trashed and agreeing to let chris have my favorite sunglasses. and also i don't remember jess being at my house at all. apparently she tried to wake me up from my slumber on the couch but failed. i woke up at about 4am to find sal sleeping on the couch next to me and everyone else gone. the lovely michael dylan decided to just leave and not wake sal up and mike was his ride. hah. what a good friend. 
doesn't get any classier. clutching a bottle of rum, chris' hat and sportin' a pack of nerds on my chest.

tomorrow evening i head out to montauk, and i'll be there till monday. i'm so stoked. saturday morning i'll be up at 7am so i can go surfing. oh how i love it there. its one of my favorite places. alcohol + the ocean = my life. i wish you all could come you guys would love it. 

well i must run. chris is coming to collecting me so we can drink it up. 
love and miss you all. <3 



my video chat magically works again.  i propose a conference call, ladez.  

there was an amazing thunderstorm last night and it has kind of left the sky looking half dreary, half glorious today.  it can't decide to rain or shine.  i'm sitting around the house in my skivvies, watching travel channel and drinking coffee, looking at airline tix.  dan already bought his and it looks like he will be joining you all for the first full day of independence.  i will know soon if i am able to go, too.  i freakin hope so.  if i can't, i'm gonna set the mountains on fire.  

did i tell you guys we have bunnies that live under the house?  there are three grown ups and a baby.  we throw baby carrots and apples at them and they love it.  we recently found another backyard pet... sneaky the snake.  he likes to slither through the bushes and sleep on the ledge of the basement window, where he can see all of the little salamanders that hang out down there.  

my brother is moving out here!  i think he will be flying out next week.  i so can't wait to have him here.  after telling him that we are surrounded by skateparks and that trees are super cheap out here, he couldn't resist.  in buffalo, he was living in an attic that didn't have windows.  they lived next to a big fat lady named "sugar mama" and she would let her kids run in the street and set traps for cars.  they'd line up piles of broken glass and throw bottles at cars when they drove by.  scotty and jon were pretty sure it was a crack house.  or a kiddie bordello.  who knows.  buffalo, buffalo.

i got my hair chopped off again yesterday.  there's a toni&guy nearby and the kid who cut my hair is the son of the founder.  he was soooo good at washing hair.  he had big hands and massaged my scalp and shoulders for like twenty minutes.  he also used only scissors to craft my cut, which was awesome.  i've always had people bust out buzzers.  remember that one time i had that super butch lesbo bowl cut?  i'm so glad i don't have to worry about having another awkward haircut as long as i'm here.

i need to mow down on a breakfast bowl and take some laundry to the mat.  before i go, i'd like to thank kimya dawson's blog for shining light on probably the most unintentionally disturbing site i've ever seen...  check it:

mandatory vlognam party asap, loves.



i wish it didn't have to be so bad

I'm listening to Blink182, so please excuse that title. Things are far from bad. It's just about 330 in the morning, so I'm not going to say much- but I think I might like this fellow.
And for the moment, I'm all smiles. 

but really... is his trip to canada necessary right this moment?!
arf. goodnight

-jonesicals bonesicals.

Monday, June 23, 2008

another blog via work

hey there ladies. i'm sitting at work and everyone is leaving for lunch but i came 3 hours late so i'm sitting here pretending to work so i get paid for this hour. hah. i stopped at the bank before work so that i could deposit a pile of money that has been building on my desk for like 2 weeks. since i counted teh money i realized i'm very close to affording a ticket to denver. who's comin with me?! i'm thinking end of july, so that i can just quit my job and not have to worry about trying to find coverage.

hmm. so like jess said this weekend was a weekend of mansion parties. and not the glen cove mansh..brett's and also mary kate's houses. i wish all of you could of come to them. there were kegs and games of 25 cup beer pong. which resulted in a lot of severely wasted people. especially this one kid who by like 10 was face down in brett's lawn, he even stayed there facedown when a thunderstorm blew threw. what a winner.

oh so creepy story bout brett' and sal fell asleep on one of the couches in his ballroom and at 4am we were woken up by this kid sitting over us just staring at us. he then proceeds to ask if we were "together"...and sal told him "no" and he's like "oh, someone wanted to know" and then walked away. what a creep. apparently this kid also asked chris is he could like "hit it" with my sister, while she was standing right there. but jess in her inebriated state started to yell at him. hah.

yesterday jess came to my house at like 9am, i was still fast asleep. cause my phone was tossed on the floor, so i missed all her calls. we then went and had a lovely diner brunch. after that we went back to my house and watched backdraft all afternoon. oh how i love that movie.

last night i worked my first dinner shift at steamboat. i fucked up a few times, but only minor things. the weather was strange so no one comes to eat dinner at a marina, so it was pretty slow. in 5 hours i had 5 tables. thank god for jacked up prices at dinner, 20 minimum for an entree. i managed to walk out with 60 bucks. there was this one family that i had with this son who was probably like 10. he was so specific, and i felt like he had a palate of an adult. first he orders a cran and club, then an order of steamers, and then proceeds to order a $60 lobster. gotta love long island and its rich people. cause his parents were totally cool with the fact that he probably ordered about $75 worth of food for himself.

Well i'm gonna end this here. I'll be seein Guyetti and Jones tonight at the gahden. I wish you could come to the reunion Garri. Miss youuuuuu! <3
mmm. i smell people's lunches right now. i really want a meatball.
<3 Ali Jean

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hit me on ma beepa, beepa, beepa...

Yo sons so I got a job where Alysse works waiting tables in Times Square (well west 49th and broadway) where someday soon I'll be making bank but probably not until mid-july after I work my way up to 5, maybe 6 tables. I finished training this week and take my exam on monday- but have yet to really study all the shit on the menu and the ingredients because I'm always so distracted with other things I want to do! Like 2 mansion parties in a row this weekend (not the Glen Cove Mansion.. real mansions!) and sleeping in all day with Michael or Ali, depending on who I'm hung over with. :D.

I got the 4th 5th and 6th of July off so you can bet your sweet bippie I'll dress to impress as a bodiqua at SaL's baller bash. Holliepop made an appearance at the Mansion party on Friday and made me non stop laugh all night, someone spilled beer on my skirt and she made me a garbage bag skirt called - Kirkland Signature Skirt. The brand of garbage bags was Kirkland Signature. I wore it all night it was a hit. Kinda like Hollipop.

Jones I loved ya black cat story! I miss you wish I got to see you more, I miss last summer when neither of us ever really worked haha and we just hung out in the New or went wandering in the city with to-go drinks. Them was the days.

I'm starvin'''''''''' I'm at Ali's whom I had to wake up to get dropped off here because Mike had to go to work. I'm so glad it always works out so perfectly when I come that if Ali's working, he's not, vice versa. *sigh*. it's a beautiful life

(oh, ohhh)

Okay Love ya'lls. Miss ya'lls. balls.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

bleep, bleep

happy saturday, errbody.  

i got a job at a restaurant a week or so ago.  i've been serving there.  it's an upscale place called jimmy's steakhouse and the first few days i was there, i loved it.  then they had a reservations-only wine dinner the other night.  after having two tables stolen out from under me by the guy who trained me and having some guy with really, really bad plastic surgery make me run endlessly to the kitchen to make special orders for his mountain lions at home, i decided that helping rich people's asses get fatter is the LAST thing i want to do.  

so, yesterday i interviewed for a bank job.  it went really well.  i applied for a full time position and if i get it, i will get full benefits.  scha-wing.  i will know by friday if i can quit jimmy's.  

after my interview at the bank dan took me to a pet shop to play with puppies.  i miss my OJer pup so bad and i miss giving tummy rubs and having a little buddy to share my leftovers.  almost as soon as we got to the pet shop, i fell in love with a little scottie dog.  he was the happiest, cutest little guy and it really sucked leaving him there.  i want to go back and get him so bad.  i read about an adoption day that a pet rescue is having today and i am still considering going just to go play with all the neglected puppies that need homes.  it'll be hard to not come home with one, though.  the rescue is only charging between forty and eighty bucks depending on the dog and the fee includes all of the shots, spaying or neutering, food, toys and a session with a trainer to help the dog get adjusted to its new home.  it sounds almost too good to be true and i don't want to go and get attached.  i haven't decided if i want to go yet.  decisions, decisions.

i have some projects to do in the studio today.  i am doing some reference vocals on a couple songs my dad wrote for that country singer he's been working with.  the songs are so pretty and they're a lot of fun to sing.  i'm looking forward to getting in the studio again, even if it's just to sing someone else's songs.  it'll be fun to just sing.

some friends are having a big backyard barbecue tonight and i look forward to murdering some pulled pork with my mouth.  maybe throw back a few beers.  

if all goes to plan, i will spend my day playing with many puppies, singing in the studio for hours and downing steer and beer.  the only thing keeping it from being a perfect day is you ladies not being here.  soon?  please?

i have to head on up to the studio, but i will post later with more tales of colorado mischief.  

miss miss miss love love love,


Thursday, June 19, 2008

a hangover post

its 11:14 am and i've been at work at my mom's office for 3 hours and 14 mins. and let me tell you, it feels like i've been here for like a month. i'm sitting here blogging to my you guys, filling out a scholarship application and chatting with mclaren via the facebook chat, i'm avoiding real work so hard today. i'm such a cranky pants, the fact that i'm nursing a hangover and running on minimal sleep doesn't help.

you see last night drew had a party at his house cause his parents are away and it was going to be bryan' s birthday at midnight. so of course i attended this event, and of course i got involved with drinking a 12 pack and also playing beer pong. by the end of the night sam disappeared and i was left waiting for her cause she was my ride. so me and mike sat on the couch listening to the sounds of connor and bryan attempting to play the piano across the room. this resulted in us falling asleep mid conversation and then me waking up at 2 am to my phone ringing and it being my sister outside waiting for me. i was not a happy camper.

fyi...i told mclaren i'm going to come and visit him on monday night, so jones and guyetti i hope your free, cause he said beer garden. so, i expect to see you guys there.

britt, i hope that work allows you to take off so that you can grace us with your presence on the first full day of independence in the year 2008.

i wish we could all be reunited like right now, i miss my ladiez. i want a mattress i need a mattress party. <3

love love love you all.
<3 Ali Jean

p.s. i love that i just paid my damage charges for my apt and it was like 2 bucks and it said that i broke a window and a picnic table. hahah.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

There are a million reasons why I love black cats. This is one of them.

So, the other night I was completely freaking out about so many things. Mom, Jess, Michael and I were watching Lars and the Real Girl and as much as I wanted to see that movie, watching someone battle anxiety whilst having an attack of it was making me insane. I bolted for the door around 1:30 a.m. and went for a walk. Upon my return, I wrote some notes about my adventure. This is the story of what happened while I was gone. 

How I Met (the Ever-So Statuesque) Mr. Tippy Toe

"I speed-walked until my lungs adjusted to take breaths at a normal pace again. As my legs slowed and my lungs stretched, I entered the Pratt campus. I veered right, towards a bench and just as I did I noticed, what I mistook for a statue of, a black cat. He prompted my motion to come to a halt, as I stopped to stare at him. I stopped at the nearest bench to admire him and his aura. 

He began to come closer.

I laughed as i imagined him coming over to greet me, to notice that I was crying. 

He continued towards me, and came even closer. 

As he landed on the second bench to my left, I smirked as the thought of him ending his journey in my lap crossed my mind. 

He began to cross over my lap- but suddenly decided to stay. I let him sleep for almost an hour before I figured that I should wander back home myself. I'm happy that I always go with fate."

It was exactly what I needed. I needed that company like (the desert missed the rain). I keep having these anxiety attacks / fits of pure frustration that keep me up at night and wake me up in the morning (respectively). I really am not into this dog, or his owner, and I miss my girls. I live with two of them and never see them :( Though, last night I managed to get Jess to come hang out and that was nice. Ali Jean, I'm trying to figure out a day that I can come visit. I need your adventures. 

I really, really, really, want a kitten.


Monday, June 16, 2008

yes, please.

just wanted y'all to know that this, this right here, is what my current county does for entertainment.



Complaint Post.

Bah. Driving to work just to get out in the parking lot and spill coffee all over yourself is the worst. I had to drive all the way back home and change. Thankfully I randomly had one of chris' towels in my car, so i didn't have to sit on a soaking wet seat. Ok, I'm done with my complaining.

Loves you!!
<3 Ali Jean

Sunday, June 15, 2008

buddah baby

Hey Sassies
I wish I could post more often, but in between not having internet and working crazy hours, I don't seem to have much time for anything! I'm working at this really pretty restaurant called Buddahkan ( and I superduper love it here. I want to have a ladies dinner when we're all back in NY *cough cough*

Not very much has been going on with me. I still have not visited a beach, so I'm sure you can imagine how terribly pasty I still am. I'm going to spend the next couple of weeks boyfriend shopping and praying for days off.

Ahh i have to get back to work.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

My babies!

I am on Long Island, in Glen Cove, on Rose Avenue, on the second floor, in Ali's bed, in a yellow towel. It is 6:07 PM.  Wonderful!!

I miss my wife, glad you made it safe to the 'rado, wish I was there, wish I could give you huggies and kissies and drinks! Yeahhh I miss makin' them dranks. Listening to Girl Talk in Big Haus, listening to The Sounds in Big Haus, being able to do our makeup at the same time in Big Haus, the soda machines to buy Fanta to mix with vodka in Big Haus, sleeping on top of each other in Big Haus, on bunk beds, ordering rail road pizza in Big Haus, Ve-ing it (Terre). 

Okay BrittyPod that paragraph was for you and how much I miss you.


I am so broke! But such a happy young thing. Ever since I've been unemployed I've spend countless days with the people I love, beached it, jetted off to Florida for a fun-filled 9 days with Miss Erica Turck, my family, and lots of beautiful, beautiful Cocoa Beach, and as much as I can- with Mister Boyfriend Man: Michael Dylan Ferrara himself. What a catch! I'm so happy.'

I got a job waiting tables at Alysse's place of work now, Ruby Foo's in Times Square and I start training Monday. Might not have rent money in time but I'll muddle my way through... always do, no worries!

I've also decided to go back to school in the fall, to Brooklyn College for a B.A. in Communications - Purchase was a wonderful, wonderful 2-year long party, but what a waste of academic time and MONEY SHIIIIIIIT. On the other hand, where the hell would I be if I wound up at Fredonia or Oneonta like the original plan? This blog wouldn't even exist OH MAN. I can't think about what life would be like without you PYTs. I love ya'll so much. Srsly. My life, you are.

I love you. Ali and I are preparing to get Daiquiris and then for a hopping after-wedding party at the Mansh.

KISSES. x000x0x0e9d9d9djfdjfkdafjdksal;fjsaldfjadls;fjasdf


Monday, June 9, 2008

beach bums

hey hey pretty ladies. i can't say that my life has been as interesting as Britt's has been, but its been pretty fun. Saturday was garage sale day in Sea Cliff so I dragged my friend Tiana out and we went to a few garage sales and got some nifty steals. I got some sweet new shirts and a bunch of art books for free. But since it was about 95 degrees outside we felt as though we should end our adventure pretty quickly by stopping at the local bar Partners for a breakfast beer. After our beers we parted ways and I went to Sea Cliff beach to meet up with the kiddies. I got there and ended up mighty pissed because the kid at the gate made me pay 20 bucks to get into the beach cause I'm not a resident of Sea Cliff. As soon as I paid I found Chris and he said he'd get that cash money back for me, so I was back to being in a happy mood. The afternoon then consisted of swimming and playing football on the beach.

Sunday morning I got up bright and early and me and Chris rode bikes to the beach with a cooler full of bud light. Lots of swimming and drinking/eating. It was a great day. However riding back to Chris' from the beach was terrible. 2 minutes into our uphill trek we stopped and took a beer break on some stairs. it was not a wise decision of me to wear a gray shirt that day. let just say there was a lot of visible wetness all over my shirt. I think that was like the most physical activity I have done since I left school, I was super exhausted after yesterday. ha.

Well the pass out princess in me is taking over. I will update more after work tomorrow. Day 3 of bartending at the marina!! hopefully i make lots of money so i can put it in a jar to save for denver tickets. 
Come visit!! And come play on the beach with me all dayyy! Miss and love you all. <3


so handsome dan and i ventured into downtown denver today and, after taking a few wrong turns, finally found the famous larimer square.  

we had an amazing lunch here:

although it was a little pricey, it was well worth it.  we had great food and great wine (and, with the high altitudes, acquired a great buzz fast).  no complaints.

after lunch, we browsed through a cute little furniture store.  unfortunately, i can't remember the name of it.  but trust me.  it was cute.  and cheap!  

then we browsed through my favourite boutique thus far:  

i want to work there.  even though they said they aren't currently hiring, i am still going to beef up my resume tomorrow and send it to the owner tomorrow for future reference.  although i REALLY would have loved to walk out with a pair of $1,000 custom cowgirl boots and a job, i settled for a five dollar wooden post card to send to my great grandma for her birthday.  

after unsuccessfully browsing target and pier one (ew, ew, and more ewwwwww) for our last bit of necessary bedroom furnishings, our day ended with a trip to the liquor store for some cheap wine and nice, quick conversation with the clerk.  everyone is so nice here!  

anyway, handsome dan is being a whiny bitch about me not helping pick a free movie.  so, i will end this post with a big smacker goodnight!  SMACKERRRRRRROOOOOOOO!


Sunday, June 8, 2008

bunnies and sunshine.

good morning loves.  i am sitting in our beautiful new home with a cup of coffee, enjoying the sun that is streaming through the windows.  when i woke up this morning it was overcast.  i rushed to our bedroom window and could see rugged black mountains in the distance.  it didn't take long for the sky to change and now, looking through our sliding glass doors that lead to the patio, i can see perfect little houses stretching out into downtown denver, and denver stretching into the Rockies.  everything is clean and pristine white, blue and green.  

i can't believe we are finally here.  we arrived this morning, around two o'clock mountain time.  it was too dark to really see the beauty that surrounds us.  now that i can see all of it sprawled in front of me, it makes the hellacious drive out here so worth it.

we left bolivar on friday afternoon around one o'clock eastern time.  we drove until we reached a small town in western ohio, where we decided to grab a bite to eat at a cute little mexican restaurant called The Grasshopper.  before we could even start mowing down on our enchilada platter, the sky turned completely black.  as all of the light quickly faded from the sky, we were ushered into the basement of the restaurant.  it was then that we learned there was a tornado ripping through a nearby county.  everyone sipped on margaritas and landsharks as we waited for the storm to pass.  twenty minutes later we were allowed back upstairs.  when we got back to our table, the most brilliant sunset was melting over the barns and silos, turning from red to orange to gold to the most brilliant turquoise before disappearing into the unending plains.  we were mystified by how fast the storms could develop and the striking horizons they leave behind.  this would be a sight we'd become accustomed to on the long journey to colorado.

after all of the excitement at dinner, dan and i felt refreshed and planned on driving straight to colorado.  we'd drive fifteen hours, maybe stop at a rest area and catch two hours of light sleep, drive the last four hours and go into comas as soon as we got to the house.  i had a touch-and-go migraine since the border of pennsylvania and ohio, but i was trying to man up and go along with this plan to marathon it.  just as i was about to be completely okay with driving straight through (and slipping into an acetaminophen-induced slumber), dan startled me awake with a concerned "oh my god."  i sleepily asked him what he was oh my godding about.  he told me i was going to freak out.  he was right.  he was oh my godding because there was a spider in the car that quickly crawled into an undisclosed location.  you ladies can guess what happened next.  i freaked and made him pull over.  the interstate was teeming with bustling semis, but i didn't care.  i made it clear that we were not going to continue until that spider was found and flicked out of the car.  as i paced nervously behind the car massaging my throbbing temples, dan thoroughly investigated the front of the car with the halogen flashlight his parents got us.  finally, he batted at the PASSENGER SIDE DOOR and said we were clear.  it took him a minute of desperate convincing and swearing on my life to get me back into the car.  all of the nerves that the wild ohio sunset had calmed after the storm had returned and we decided to find a room for the night.  after twenty minutes of calling every super 8 and comfort inn listed in the GPS, we finally found a good rate and turned in for some meerkat manor and sleepy time.   

check out came too soon and the sun was already blazing high in the sky when we started back on our journey.  one minor detail i left out thus far:  dan's car does not have air conditioning.  as we continued on through indiana and into iowa, that midwestern heat got more and more cruel.  there was no escaping the sun or the smell of shit baking in the plains.  we got as far as council bluffs, iowa and decided to stop off at a Sonic and, if you guys have never had Sonic, trust me, you aren't missing anything.  i was in a foul, fiery mood and covered with heat rash and sweaty, coagulated sunscreen.  i couldn't stop dropping f-bombs and throwing my middle fingers around.  at this point, it felt like we would never get to colorado.  i thought we would dry up and die before we even reached nebraska.  fortunately, the BP by Sonic had jumbo jugs of water, pull n peel Twizzlers and a large variety of sudoku books and crossword puzzles.  that's all it took to improve my outlook on the situation.  soon we were in nebraska and, thanks to my fill-it-in entertainment, it flew by fast.  i had already completed nearly twenty puzzles when, again, the sky turned black.  a few seconds later we were deluged with rain and, a few seconds after that, unusually large hail.  all of these components together spell one thing:  tornado.  we closely followed military vehicles and semis hauling giant turbine blades to avoid hydroplaning.  some cars were taking cover beneath underpasses, and i started to get more and more nervous.  we anxiously eyed the horizons.  nebraska is completely flat, conducive to split-second twister formation, and the sky is endless.  to me, it felt like every cloud was about to touch down and start blasting through the fields.  luckily, the storm passed as fast as it formed, leaving brilliant rainbows in every direction.  again, the scariest sky morphed into breathtaking serenity.  i had the taste of newsprint in my mouth from holding my puzzle book to my face in fear for those fast minutes we were shrouded by clouds and hail, but the golden rainbow horizon completely refreshed me.  soon it was night, and not long after the stars came out we crossed the colorado border.

missing an elk by four feet and swerving for a lazy mass of tumbleweed were the last dramatic moments of the ride.  the rest was peaceful anticipation.  it was so dark that we could only see the road ahead of us, lights from far off towns and sporadic bolts of thick, yellow lightning that stretched from the clouds to the ground.  those quick strikes allowed me to see split seconds of the changing scenery.  what was once sprawling fields and farmlands had turned to rolling rocks and ridges.  my heart skipped a beat with every sneak peek.  

finally, the lights of denver washed over the car.  still, it was too dark to see those majestic mountains in the distance, but the sight was still alluring and comforting.  as the light spread farther over our surroundings, dan commented on how new everything was.  i took that statement in various contexts.  everything really is new here.  this developing city, snuggled in the then invisible Rockies, is fresh and clean, futuristic and comfortable.  the perfect place for a new beginning.  a handful of two dollar tolls later, we arrived at our house.  dad was anxiously awaiting our arrival and warmly welcomed us.  as soon as we stepped into the house, we slipped simultaneous sounds of awe.  the ceilings loom thirty feet above us, the windows frame downtown denver, the lights cast a clean sheen across the hardwood floors and the nook-and-cranny architecture fills the rooms with ambient echoes.  dad had music playing from his studio in the loft and it filled every corner of the house so perfectly.  great style, great acoustics, great view.  it is completely perfect in every way.  

we have an aerobed in a room upstairs that looks out into downtown denver and rugged mountains.  i caught a few hours of sleep, but i am way too excited to not be awake.  so, i have been sitting here in this sunny house, looking out at people biking, jogging and walking the path that winds through our neighborhood into the city, watching baby bunnies scamper across our patio.  we're doing good, ladies.  real good.  

i can't wait until you all come see it for yourselves.

loves and kisses from colorado.



antidisabominalism postism.

we are in colorado. 

to be continued...