Sunday, July 13, 2008

eff jobs. who needs em. i know i don't.

hey ladez!
miss guyetti just left my house. we spent a wonderful day together at sea cliff beach, we worked really hard on our tan lines. loveee the weekendsss.

yesterday was day 2 of my new job....and well....i hated every minute of it. i told my boss i could only do 2 days a week and he goes and puts me on for 3. then i notice that he out me on saturday dinner...which is not possible because that is the day of lobster fest at the millz house. i proceeded to tell him that that was not possible for me to work. he then began to get a 'tude with me and said that he assumed that i would be working and already gave someone else off. mind you...i still hadn't finished training. he then said that he could maybe...maybe let me out early. but that would be like 11 pm and my family would probably already be gone. so i called him today and told him i wasn't ever coming back. wooooo back to having 2 jobs!!!

well, i'm gonna hit the hay. i got work with momwater tomorrow bright and early. she said she'd take me out to lunch and that its supposed to rain so i told her i would come in for awhile. hah.

nighty night my loves!
Ali Jean