Friday, December 26, 2008

oh herro

hey lovies.
hope all of your christmas' were wonderful. mine was long and half way thru i got the "irish flu" (according to mr. krieb). never again will i drink i giant glass of baileys at my gma's house. too hot in there. by the time i got to chris' family party i was on the verge of barfing all over and fainting. i sat and watched all the drinking games and drank lots of water. i finally started to feel better and ended up being the last to leave the party. so all ended well.
i got a gps from my mom, so you know what that meansss!! road trips everywhere, once i get paychecks from my job.
now i'm watching enchanted and trying to back up my computer so that i can finally update to leopard. WOOOO!! hopefully i don't lose my bootleg programs. that would suck.
uhp. i think i backed all my shit up. so time to get down to business.
love and miss you all!


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